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SFC Desperate Dozen Report: Fishes on the Brink

The Desperate Dozen
Experts from the Southeastern Fishes Council have identified twelve southeastern fish species, the Desperate Dozen, that are disappearing the most rapidly from their home ranges. Some species like the Alabama sturgeon could vanish forever within a few years. We decided to focus our efforts on those 12 species most likely to become extinct in order to reverse their precipitous decline and put them on the path to recovery. These species were selected through a 3 round process using the criteria of range size, abundance, and severity of threats. These results will be presented at the SFC meeting November 13th-14th in Chattanooga so that scientists and resource managers can discuss how best to preserve them. Though most of these species are small in size and range, their role in the region is large. Our native fishes are part of our natural heritage in the Southeast. We have to conserve that heritage so that our kids and grandkids can enjoy the same quality of life - and fishes -that we have now.

To read the full scientific report, download the .pdf here.

This project was supported by the World Wildlife Fund