Southeastern Fishes Council
Dedicated to the Conservation of Southeastern Fishes

Business Meeting
27th Annual Meeting
Southeastern Fishes Council
The 2001 meeting of the Southeastern Fishes Council (SFC) was called to order by Chairman Steve Ross at 5:17 PM on April 5, 2001. The meeting was held in the Cypress Room of the Radisson Hotel in New Orleans, Louisiana. Executive Committee members attending were Stephen T. Ross (Chair), Gerald R. Dinkins (Secretary), Peggy Shute (Treasurer), and Mary Freeman (Chair-elect).

Minutes from the 2000 SFC business meeting held in the Marriot Hotel and Convention Center in Chattanooga, Tennessee were distributed by Secretary Dinkins for review. A motion was made to accept the minutes as written, and was carried by voice vote.

The treasurer's report was distributed for review by Peggy Shute, who noted debt and cost of publishing bulletin by Mel Warren et al. Peggy urged everyone to check their status of payment of membership dues to SFC. Chairman Ross noted 2001 button of Altamaha shiner, drawn by Gini Knight. A motion was made to accept the treasurer's report as printed, which was carried by voice vote. Chairman Ross acknowledged Peggy's efforts as treasurer for the recent term.

Nominating Committee
Chairman Ross acknowledged efforts of the nominating committee, composed of Mary Freeman, Peggy Shute, Gerry Dinkins, and Steve Walsh, to procure nominees for Executive Committee offices. Agreeing to run for Chairman of SFC were Hank Bart and Rick Mayden. Chris Skelton and Peggy Shute were running unopposed for secretary and treasurer, respectively. Election ballots were then distributed to the business meeting attendees.

Editorial Committee
No report.

Technical Advisory Committee
Chairman Ross thanked Mel Warren, co-chair of the Technical Advisory Committee, and his co-authors for preparing the article on diversity, distribution, and conservation status of native freshwater fishes of the southern United States.

Resolutions Committee
No report from Resolutions Committee, but Chairman Ross acknowledged ongoing efforts on the Needmore Tract Resolution.

Other Committees
Chairman Ross described efforts of Steve Walsh, Noel Burkhead, himself, and others relative to organizing a new conservation organization dedicated to fish conservation in the southeastern United States. The "Southeastern Imperiled Fishes Organization" would do more than just SFC because it would be deeply involved with outreach, advocacy, and education, and would constitute a broad coalition from NGO's, Federal and State agencies, industry, and academia. SFC would contribute much of the fish expertise to this new group.

Chairman Ross noted Resolution on Rodman Dam removal has been sent to Governor Jeb Bush of Florida.

Chairman Ross noted next year that SFC will meet with Southern Division of American Fisheries Society (SDAFS) in Little Rock, AR. This meeting is the result of last year's vote, which showed split results between staying with ASB and going with AFS. There was a general discussion about the special symposium to be held at the SDAFS in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Ross noted the death of David Lindquist, a long-time, active member of SFC and SEASIH. He stated that a letter will be sent to Dave's wife, Donna, on behalf of the SFC. An obituary will be written by Peggy Shute and published in the Proceedings.

Ross also commented on the passing of Robert K. Johnson, another very active southeastern member of ASIH.

Ross commented on the pending retirement of David A. Etnier of the University of Tennessee, with a celebration in Knoxville on Saturday, June 9.

Mary Freeman announced the results of the SFC Executive Committee election: Hank Bart was elected chair, Chris Skelton was elected Secretary, and Peggy Shute was re-elected treasurer.

Regional reports were not presented. Attendees were referred to the SFC webpage where the reports will be posted.

Chairman Ross concluded the 2001 business meeting by stating it was an honor to have served as Chairman of SFC the last two years, and acknowledged Mary Freeman as incoming chair of SFC. Chairman Ross wished Mary success in her position.

After accepting a motion adjourn meeting, the meeting ended at 5:40 PM.

Respectfully submitted,
Gerald R. Dinkins, Secretary

Southeastern Fishes Council
Treasurer's Report, April 2001

Checking Account Balance, 3 April 2001 $3,767.69
Dues and Contributions,
21 March 2000 through 3 April 2001:
Dues $4,039.00
Button sales (old buttons) $200.00
Sale of SFC Proceedings back issues $12.50
Ear-marked* contributions *for the Warren et al. Fisheries publication) $250.00
TOTAL: $4,641.50
Expenditures, March 2000 through 3 April 2001:
Proceedings # 40, printing cost $2,410.44
Proceedings # 40, postage $264.00
Proceedings # 41, printing cost $1,656.78
Proceedings # 41, postage $205.70
TN Secretary of State (annual report) $20.00
Council of Aquatic Sciences (annual dues) $100.00
Returned check & fee $25.00
TOTAL: $4,656.92
Checking Account Balance as of 21 March 2000: $3,767.69
Paine Webber Cash Fund as of
29 December 2000: $3,250.37
Reported Fund, 31 December 1999 $3,067.76
Earned interest and adjustments, 1998 $182.61
Total Assets $7,018.06

Membership on 21 March 2000 was 170 individuals or organizations, distributed as follows:
Paid through 1997: 7
Paid through 1998: 14
Paid through 1999: 28
Paid through 2000: 64
Paid through 2001: 52
Paid through 2002 and lifetime members: 8

Respectfully submitted,
Peggy W. Shute