Southeastern Fishes Council
Dedicated to the Conservation of Southeastern Fishes

2012 Business Meeting
38th Annual Meeting Southeastern Fishes Council
New Orleans, LA
8th – 9th  November, 2012


The 2012 business meeting of the Southeastern Fishes Council was called to order by Chair Carol Johnston at 4:35 p.m. Fifty-six people were in attendance.


Report of the Secretary
Secretary Mollie Cashner reported that the 2011 business meeting minutes were unanimously accepted with minor spelling changes via email vote with 25 members casting votes. She noted that the last few years of meeting minutes will be posted on the website ASAP.

Report of the Treasurer
Treasurer Steve Rider reported the overall financial standing noting that the registration indicated attendees from 17 states (only southeastern state not represented was South Carolina) and that student registration for the NOLA meeting was high. There were representatives from 22 universities registered, and the highest student participation was from University of Central Arkansas, Auburn University, and Southeastern Louisiana University. There were 23 attendees registered for the Species Occupancy Workshop and 53 registrants for the Suttkus Memorial (9 students, 32 general members and 9 family members).

Treasurer Rider also took an inventory of current Life Members:
Kevin Barnes, Mark Hughes, S. Welch, H. Boshung, Jelks, Sandel, Morgan Raley, Jim Williams.  No other names were brought forth, thus Treasurer Rider concluded all Live Members are currently accounted for regarding Proceedings mailings and email lists. He ended his report with a reminder to all in attendance to remember to pay your membership.

                                                Treasurer’s Report

Starting Balance                                            $36,440.58
20 December 2011
2012    Annual Meeting                                              $10,359.00
Species Occupancy Workshop                                    $1,545.00
Suttkus Memorial                                                        $2,925.00
Name Tags for SFC Meeting                                     $41.40
Pay Pal Fees                                                                $460.18
SFC checks                                                                 $30.23
Tennessee Annual Financial Report Fee                     $40.00
Layout of 2011 Proceedings                                       $1,199.00
Postage and Envelopes                                               $423.66
TOTAL EXPENSES                                                            $17,023.47

                        110 regular at $30                   $3,300.00
                        54 student at $15                    $810.00
                        7 family at $40                        $280.00
                        3 lifetime                                 $1,200.00
            2012 Meeting Registration                 $11,475.00
            Donations                                            $1,160.00
TOTAL INCOME                                        $18,225.00

ENDING BALANCE                                              $37,642.11
(as of November 5, 2012)


Committee Reports

1. Program CommitteeHank Bart & Carol Johnston
Presented information regarding possible future meeting venues. One possible venue is Auburn University; currently have a proposal with a $99 room/night rate and free meeting room. The committee was soliciting ideas for other future venues, with a possible focus on NC/SC to encourage more participation.

2. Constitution Committee – Bernie Kuhajda
Nothing to report.

3. Proceedings Committee – David Neely and Chris Skelton
Announced that Chris Skelton is stepping down as Associate Editor, looking for volunteers to fill the post. Also, there are 3 manuscripts ready for the 2012 December issue.

4. Technical Advisory Committee -  Steve Powers, Patrick Rakes, Ginny Adams, Charlie Saylor, Anna George, Hank Bart, and Brett Albanese
Nothing to report

5. Website Committee –Jake Schaefer
Will begin posting State Reports on the SFC website. Looking for input from the web committee on ways to restructure the website. Also working with Noel Burkhead on the table of Southeastern Fishes to include on the website – there has been a lot of traffic on the site viewing the images.

6. Membership Committee – Hank Bart and Rebecca Blanton
Nothing to report

7. Nominating Committee – Carol Johnston
Nothing to report


Old Business

1. Citico Creek horse trail expansion. Several SFC members attended public meeting. Dave Neely reported that F.S. is expanding the horse trails. The options discussed at the meeting centered on how to implement the additional trails. During the meeting fish folk outnumbered the horse trail proponents. There is attempt to have minimal impact: three options were presented none ideal, may go back to the drawing board before the options are available for public comment.

2. Student Fund Allocations: questions whether to add additional category or to change student travel awards. C. Skelton motioned for discussion:
N. Burkhead suggested to increase student travel.
Discussion about ways to disburse the monies, whether it be random drawing, application. It was suggested that the details of how to award and when would be left up to the award committee. It was discussed whether we should remove one of the presentation awards, or alter the presentation awards in addition to adding a travel award. Also suggested to wave registration in lieu of travel award. Regarding travel awards, K. Piller suggested to name them after founding members of the society. Goal is to encourage student attendance, so don’t want to reduce the number of awards or limit who can compete for them. Bo asked if we had voted to double the awards, but that vote was not made, hence the current discussion. Chair C. Johnston motioned to add a travel award and to have the details worked out by the award committee. Jim Williams moved in support, M. Cashner seconded, membership voted unanimous, motion carried.

New Business

1. Discussion regarding future meeting venues:
Concerns regarding meeting at Auburn because of football influence: especially concerning for members was the possibility of having to move the meeting to a Wed-Thurs meeting making attendance difficult for academics. Concerns about the NOLA meeting and recovery due to expense, but H. Bart stated we lost no money on the NOLA meeting, so this wasn’t a huge concern regarding meeting venues. Auburn is a central location, trying to fit in with the DFC model of central followed by rotation pattern. However, Auburn issues need to be addressed regarding timing (Wed-Thurs vs. Thurs-Fri), football game interference, and other possible state park options. Guntersville and Chattanooga seen as good “central locations”, but Chattanooga is out for 2014 because hosting ASIH in 2014. Discussion was ended with a decision to open it up to membership for further discussion.

2. Funding request was put forward by member Mel Warren to help support publication of the book North America Freshwater Fishes: Natural History, Ecology, and Conservation. Request was presented to Ex Comm, and following precedent from a previous book funding request, Ex Comm voted to not fund the request. This prompted much discussion from the membership via email and a proposal to form a Publication Committee to deal directly with requests for funding.
General Summary of Discussion Follows:
It was suggested such a committee may be something SFC is too small to do, not enough money or members to market, produce and sell books. N. Burkhead and B. Burr suggested this book was a special case since a vast majority of the SFC membership are authors, and the request was only for some small financial support, no major institutional support.  Although the book is not exclusively restricted to southeastern fishes, a large portion addresses conservation issues. Also other societies have committed funds: NANFA, DFC, SDAFS.  B. Burr suggested that only requesting $500-$1000 from a society like SFC. John-Hopkins is responsible for marketing and selling book. B. Burr also stated that financial supporters will have society symbol printed on inner book jacket. B. Kuhida pointed out that it would be disadvantageous to have SFC missing from the contributors list. H. Bart suggested the issue wasn’t that it wasn’t a good cause, but that there isn’t an explicit mechanism for SFC to address such funding requests and also pointed out that following the path of other societies not always the best method (DFC just emerged from deep financial instability).Ex Comm proceeded with caution following precedent for a previous book funding request. B. Kuhaida and B. Albanese the application to southeastern fishes and the broad appeal of this particular book suggests it was a special case. Chair Johnston proposed to form a committee to deal with these requests, and that it is possible for the membership to overturn a decision made by Ex Comm if 2/3 of the membership votes to overturn it.
B. Burr requested that the membership vote on a proposal for $1000 to fund America Freshwater Fishes: Natural History, Ecology, and Conservation, stated that they are looking for  $500-$1000 amount of support.
H. Bart made a point of order motion to give $500 in support of America Freshwater Fishes: Natural History, Ecology, and Conservation
Dinkins reminded that in order to overturn decision by ExComm need 2/3 vote.
R. Wood moved to vote
J. Williams second
Additional discussion: Bo supported giving more than $500 proposed by H. Bart.
Vote to over turn Ex Comm decision:
Aye: 50
Nay: 4
Ex Comm decision overturned.


3.B. Burr Requested the SFC to contribute $1000 towards publication costs of America Freshwater Fishes: Natural History, Ecology, and Conservation.
Open floor for discussion:
Treasurer Rider is concerned about the money available. Although there are extra funds, $1000 takes away from society’s ability to contribute to student awards.
Further discussion regarding the scope of this book versus the one not funded previously, R. Blanton stated that the current book was broader in scope. Chair Johnston closed discussion.
Vote to contribute $1000 to America Freshwater Fishes: Natural History, Ecology, and Conservation:
Aye: 42
Nay: 11
Funding of $1000 passed.

4. Forming committee to address such issues in the future. Discussion regarding difficulty of dealing with these issues if only presented after a meeting. Either have a committee to which these requests are sent or present such requests at annual meeting only. Open request for such a committee idea: send committee ideas to Ex Comm, Ex Comm can finalize procedures and present to the membership for a confirmation. Maybe suggestion of a publication committee, but Chair Johnston fears a special committee will open up the gates for a number of funding requests. J. Williams suggests to deal with this as new business and vote during a business meeting without involving a special committee. R. Wood agreed with this line of action. Chair Johnston stated that a formation of a committee to handle such requests follows other society practices. J. Williams suggested that if someone wants something that can’t wait till the next business meeting they are just out of luck. J. Armbruster stated there need to be rules regarding financial support from the SFC with formal proposals being presented to the membership. H. Bart suggested the danger of presenting requests to general membership is the role of emotion in the funding decision making process and that the details of the business of the society may not enter into such decisions. J. Armbruster suggested that if we allow requests like this it will open the doors and we will be flooded with requests.
Chair Johnston called for a vote on the creation of a Publication Committee.
Aye: 28
Nay: 20
Formation of publication committee to address future requests is passed.

5. Future of Proceedings was discussed. Question regarding whether to keep current format or change format. Chair Johnston stated that the current format is costly and difficult to get submission; she suggests a change of format such as electronic and open access or newsletter format may increase submissions. Open for discussion:
Much of the discussion was regarding better methods for increasing distribution and access. Recognition in scientific databases mostly takes extensive lobbying difficult for a small publication such as the Proceedings. D. Neely recommended removing the State Reports from the Proceedings. Chair Johnston recommended tabling the issue and bringing up ideas presented by membership in a formal proposal in the future.

6. Ginny Adams reminded the membership of the 2013 national AFS meeting in Little Rock, Ar 9-12 September. Solicited call for symposia about non-game SE fishes.

7. Chris Skelton stepping down after 10 years (!) associate editor of the Proceedings. The membership recognizes his years of service.

8. 2012 State reports in progress: most are complete. Will be posted on SFC website in the near future.

Meeting Adjourned 5:55 pm
Recorded by Secretary Cashner