Southeastern Fishes Council
Dedicated to the Conservation of Southeastern Fishes

2013 Business Meeting
39th Annual Meeting Southeastern Fishes Council
Guntersville, AL
13 –15  November, 2013


Call to order:
President Carol Johnston called the business meeting to order at 5:48 pm on 14 November, 2013

Treasurer, Steve Rider:
Starting Balance $41,390.19
1 January 2013

2013 Annual Meeting Guntersville Stat Park (Meeting Rooms,
Food, Breaks) $9,199.78
Social Dinner and Entertainment $4,122.97
Poster Displays $618.00
Meeting Logo Design $300.00
Meeting T-Shirts $1,851.04
Name Tags and Office Supplies $176.95
Student Awards $750.00
Pay Pal Transaction/Dispute Fees $496.04
Tennessee Annual Financial Report Fee $20.00
Layout of 2012 Proceedings $762.00
Postage and Envelopes for 2012 Proceedings $355.34
N. A. Fishes Book Donation $1,000.00
Miscellaneous $74.98

2013 Memberships
106 regular at $30 $3,180.00
43 students at $15 $645.00
6 family at $40 $240.00
1 lifetime $400.00 $400.00
2014 Memberships
7 regular at $30 $210.00
2 family at $40 $80.00
2013 Meeting Registrations $18,095.00 Meeting T-Shirts $700.00
PayPal Dispute Reimbursement $50.00
Donations $190.00
TOTAL INCOME $23,790.00

(as of December 31, 2013)

INCOME DISTRIBUTION - SFC Checking Account $36,539.89
SFC PayPal Account $8,913.20


Secretary, Mollie F. Cashner:
From November 2012-November 2013, there were a number of activities performed by the SFC Secretary. The most time-consuming was updating the email lists. This entailed ensuring the emails on file were active, maintaining two lists, one for active members and one for the SFC community as a whole (past members, interested parties who may not be voting/paying members), and to create a new email home:

Additionally, a number of announcements were sent out over the year to the membership and community containing information ranging from: member Face Book pages, multiple job announcements, information about southeastern fishes in the news, and various requests from the membership for dissemination of news and important information regarding southeastern fishes.

Due to the extensive information and conversation during the 2012 SFC Business meeting, it is necessary to give the membership adequate time to review the minutes. I will send the 2012 meeting minutes out via email this weekend, and request an email vote to approve the minutes. The 2013 meeting minutes will be sent via email for a similar review and vote before December. Additionally, all approved minutes will be posted on the website.

A second request for will be sent out regarding committee volunteers for non-elected committees: Program, Constitution, Resolutions, Awards, Technical advisory and State reporters. If you are currently on these committees and want to continue serving, please let me know as well.

Program Committee (Johnston, Cashner, Bart)
Local Committee for 2014 Mark Cantrell – announced specifics of the 2014 meeting in Asheville, NC from 12-14 November 2014. To be held at the Renaissance Hotel.

Constitution Committee
No report

Resolutions Committee
No report

Proceedings Committee and State Reports – David Neely and Ben Keck.
     Ben Keck discussed the role of Newfound Press as a new publisher for the Proceedings which would make the editorial process all electronic. Additionally, the journal would become open access with free ISSN DOAJ numbers that can be picked up by multiple servers making it more accessible.  Initial set up costs were waved, potential for back issues to be integrated in the online server. Only cost to SFC will be for those members who still want to receive paper copies.

     Dave Neely discussed state-reports. Suggested a call for papers structured on the SSAR Herp Review format adapted to SFC-specific content. 2013 SFC Proceedings volume ready to be mailed out in early 2014.

Nominating Committee – Ginny Adams:
Nominations for Secretary and Treasurer, both Mollie F. Cashner and Steve Rider were willing to serve one more term. Chair elect position, 2 nominations: Matt Roberts and Kyle Piller.


Technical Advisory Committee
No report

Membership Committee – Mollie F. Cashner: 
Reminded members that membership is annual. Membership renewal is every January, even if the membership was purchased in November prior to annual meeting.

Website Committee  - Jake Schaeffer
Working on getting all material updated and relevant on the website.

Awards Committee
No report

Old Business

New Business
Steve Rider – propose investing money for student travel or research grants instead of extra monies sitting in a bank account. At the end of 2013 there was ~$42,000 in the bank that could be invested in part or whole. Suggested investing ~$25, 000.
C. Williams: advice take in a vanguard index 500 because they are cheap, free and generally do well.
C. Johnston: should a planner or manager be hired? Any SFC members able to help out?
C. Johnston: suggested a student research award of $1000 maybe with 5 years of accrued interest a possible use of investment.
A. Sheldon: Most societies do this type of thing, but have a committee to organize. Suggested that there needs to be a formalized process.
B. Albanese: suggested we be sure to invest in environmentally responsible fund, 529 plan.
S. Rider: Moved to: form a special committee of members interested and knowledgeable about investment to plan out in detail and present at future meeting.
C. Johnston: Motion to Floor
C. Williams: Second
Motion passed unanimously.

Carol Johnston noted that there are some states with the vast majority of participants in the annual meeting including Louisiana, Tennessee, Alabama, and North Carolina. Is there a way to increase involvement from other states?
B. Albanese: organize a list of members per state, then reevaluate committee memberships? Suggested Secretary Cashner send out an email to assess committee/volunteer interest by state.
From floor: request for specific information about committee duties so volunteers can know what is expected.
From floor: committees needed to be updated and composed of interested and active members.

Brett Albanese brought up a question about state reports and what content we expect.
            C. Johnston: State reports are following history.
J. Williams: explained historical perspective of state reports containing information on who is doing research in what, could be expanded to anything that pertains to aquatic life or fish.
C. Johnston: list of bulleted state reports to be revised and condensed on website.

J. Williams suggested opportunities to increase membership by increasing advertising. SDAFS meeting in January may be a place to advertise for SFC
            G. Adams: Could bring a banner at a booth at the 2013 AFS meeting, have something put together for advertising of SFC.
            C. Johnston: recognize lack of SC attendees at SFC meetings hoping that 2014 Asheville meeting may attract other members.
            M. Cashner: can someone bring some form of advertisement for the 2014 SFC meeting to the SDAFS meeting
            M. Cantrell: volunteer to bring something from the Asheville visitor’s center
            C. Johnston: student attending SDAFS, other SFC members attending include M. O’Connell, B. Albanese, and B. Alford. Point out that free advertising is hard to come by. May have to pay the $50-$70 fee to set up
            C. Williams: brought up the advantages of attending the SDAFS meeting b/c it will be a huge meeting with opportunities to advertise and identify potential funding sources.

G. Adams informed the membership that Ex Comm is looking at records of past discussions and votes which have not been acted on. Working to resolve some of those issues via making committee membership more explicit and actively filling those committee positions. Final plea for members to volunteer for committees.

Election Results:
Chair Elect: Kyle R. Piller

Business meeting adjourned at 6:38 pm
Recorded by Secretary Cashner