Southeastern Fishes Council
Dedicated to the Conservation of Southeastern Fishes

2014 Business Meeting
40th Annual Meeting Southeastern Fishes Council
Asheville, NC
12-14 November, 2014


Call to order:
President Ginny Adams called the business meeting to order at 4:15 pm on 13 November, 2014.
79 members in attendance

2013 Business Meeting minutes:
Unanimous approval
To be uploaded to website ASAP.


Secretary, Mollie F. Cashner:

From November 2013-November 2014 much of the activity of the secretary was focused on changes due to the transition to Wild Apricot as our meeting management website.

Working with the old “community” email list, I have sent out a number of member-submitted announcements ranging from job postings, requests for fish information, and information valuable to our society. As emails frequently change, this list has been maintained but still has a number of “dead” addresses.

The 2012 meeting minutes were approved unanimously with 27 respondents. Due to the low response to email votes, I will submit the 2013 minutes for approval at the 2014 business meeting.

Treasurer, Steve Rider:

Over all financial status: greater than $45k in funds at beginning of year. Expenses up this date are:
Wild Apricot, $25/month; State TN registration fee $20.

2014 meeting: estimate of cost $21,000, break even or make some
172 attendees, record attendance.

Membership base: map à MS, TN, NC, KY, GA most of the membership
2014 financial statement done in next few weeks.

G. Adams: Wild Apricot, update.
Provides Ex Comm. with:  email access, ability to look at and break down membership and contact information, membership types. For rest of membership: January renewals notices, automated emails for membership reminders. Thus, this system is easier to track through time and keep membership status up to date. Reports can be generated for treasurer reports via Wild Apricot website. Higher number of members in the system than ever before in SFC history. Up to this point, we’ve been using a base package for 250 contacts, but will have to upgrade as our membership grows. The upgrade includes more members/contacts as well as allows members to set up automatic membership payments among other additive benefits.

Program Committee – Mark Cantrell

Bottom line factor: $300 in the black in this event. Books have been balanced on this event. 172 registrants, 53 student attendees. On behalf of Steve Fraley, for the record make note of folks who have made significant contributions to meeting success: Gary Peeples, Erin McCombs, Mike Gangloff, Tom Martin, David Gillette, Andrea Leslie, Bryn Tracy. On site: Mark Endries for projection, Amber Kivett, Cristina Saidak, Abby Cantrell. Lots of folks have helped, couldn’t have been done without all the help.
Program committee wants to thank the following sponsors:
Equinox Environmental, Western Carolina University, North Carolina Chapter of AFS, Smith-Root, The Southern Division of the American Fisheries Society, Research Institute for Environment, Energy, and Economics, Appalachian State University, and Duke Energy.
Tonight at poster event: tickets will be distributed at the bar 2 drink tickets, form an orderly line to disperse tickets.
A. Leslie: is there going to be food at this event? - yes heavy hors d’oeuvres and food
M. Cantrell: additionally, there is a Hospitality Room: 1121

Constitution Committee – Ginny Adams

The Executive Committee is revamping the constitution to include changes that have been voted on in past meetings including inclusion of new committees.  These changes will be sent to the membership with the meeting minutes for a vote.

Resolutions Committee – Jim Williams

Resolution in honor of missing founding members:

Be it resolved that all persons missing an annual meeting of the Southeastern Fishes Council (SFC) to go bird watching shall hereafter be maligned in the halls of ichthyology and known as scallywags, rapscallions, and nerds.
Be it resolved that Dr. David Etnier, a founding member of the society, who would rather “bird watch” than “Pass the Bird,” thus interrupting this hallowed tradition, shall reside in the halls of infamy and be known as “Dr. Ducky” and fined a sum of $100.00.
Be it further resolved that any student of a founding member, Gerry Dinkins, who elects to miss an SFC meeting and passing of the bird, to go “bird watching” shall be fined $100.00.
Be it resolved that Bob Butler who elected to miss the SFC meeting and passing of the bird, to go “bird watching” when the meeting is occurring in his city of residence shall likewise be fined $100.00.
These fines payable to SFC may only be used to support student travel or buy beer.
Be it resolved that all three individuals mentioned in this resolution shall make a formal statement of apology to the society at next year’s business meeting.

Pat Rakes: move
 Passed unanimously.
J. Williams: pass the birds in Hospitality Room 1121

Next July 18th birthday party for Bo (90 yrs old). In Tuscaloosa at the Alabama Museum of Nat Hist. Let Jim Williams know if interested in attending.

Proceedings Committee and State Reports – David Neely and Ben Keck

Dave Neely stepping down from Proceedings Committee after 5 years of service. Brook Fluker has agreed to step in and fill that position.
Ben Keck: SFC Proceedings are in online format. All back issues available through SFC Proceedings website ( Will list all backlog issues, can select an issue and download as a PDF. Information for contributors has all the information you need to know for submission. Reviews are double blind with 2 reviewers per article; remember: don’t put your name on the manuscript, only in cover letter to the editors. Submission is facilitated through the website. Will have to create an account. Please submit articles. As soon as the manuscript is accepted via reviewers, it will be published quickly, no waiting for a year for publication.
Any Questions:
B. Albanese: are backlogs free to anyone?
B. Keck: totally free access to anyone. All publication and or management is free, but if you request paper copy, will be a publication cost.
B. Albanese: can access be tracked?
Keck: initially lots of early issues downloaded. More recently the current issues are being viewed about 17-30 downloads/month. Currently have to download an entire issue, not one article alone.
B. Albanese: citation databases picking it up?
Keck: now have ISSN, hoping that it will be picked up by DOAJ and in the future by ISI and Reuters. What needs to happen, is more citations and more publications so it is an active journal.
T. Near: Is proceedings tracked on Google Scholar page?
M. Freeman: Looked up google scholar in real time, it is showing tracked, but no link.
T. Near: if Google Scholar citations can be tracked will make Proceedings more appealing to potential submissions.
From the floor: Are we sending archival paper of hard copies to Library of Congress?
Keck: we could do that, but all of the Library of Congress is online
J. Williams: seems that hard copy submissions to Library of Congress is gone by the wayside.
B. Tracy: when would you like the state reports 2014 submitted?
Keck: Will publish as soon as possible. Once all received can be published as an article in one group. We can modify submission types…if range extension, state reports, etc, no need for peer-review can be immediately submitted and published.

Awards Committee

Kyle Piller, Bryn Tracy, Alexis Janosik and Ginny Adams are looking into offering travel awards for students starting at the 2015 meeting.  The details of proposal will be submitted to the membership for a vote along with the constitutional changes.  The idea of multiple awards named after founding members will be discussed.
Travel awards ranging from $100 etc., taking into consideration overall financial health of society. When constitutional change email is sent out, these proposals will also be included and available to be voted on. Award type, name, amount, instructions will all be included.

Technical Advisory Committee – G. Adams

No issues were submitted during the year for consideration by this committee.  Urge membership to bring concerns if there are any in your area to the group. In the past active committee members had pertinent issues in their region, but currently need active engagement from membership.
B. Albanese: clarification: this is for environmental concerns,
G. Adams: yes.

Membership Committee –

The Executive Committee is working to define the responsibilities of this committee and get them incorporated into the Constitution.  The main focus will be on targeted emails and recruitment from universities, agencies and non-profits within an XX radius of the upcoming SFC meeting.  This may be folded into the responsibilities of the local planning committee.
Goal is to engage new members, but the purpose in early votes was not clear. Following examples of recent past meetings, the Local Planning Committee seems to fill the role of eliciting membership in vicinity of meeting. May be best served by the LPC because they know the region and possible available people. Do we need the membership committee, or fold into LPC?
P. Rakes: suggest a member that could provide continuity among years.
J. Williams: we should all be part of the membership committee, and encourage one member or those who haven’t paid.
B. Kuhajda: branch out beyond just local meeting location.
G. Adams: bringing people to the meeting is the best advertisement, why thinking concentrate the membership focus of LPC.
B. Kuhajda: if every member encouraged aquatic biologist they know to come, this could increase.
M. Cantrell: encourage students by registration fee ranking, cheaper to be a student member and attendee vs. a non-member attendee. Entice younger career folks to be involved in meeting
G. Adams: continue to work on this

Website Committee – Jake Schaeffer, not present

Changes to website, continue updating and upgrade to next level of Wild Apricot.
Steve and Ginny examine the potential loss of members due to the transition to new website and make sure if that happened they are contacted directly and encouraged to be engaged.

Meeting Site Committee: 

Presentation of two locations for a vote-
Gainesville, FL (Jim Williams)
Chattanooga, TN

Meeting that is a tribute to founding members, makes Gainesville a good location, but branch out to plenary and early sessions to be focused on founding members. Other option is to have ‘Fishes of … books’ signed by these founding members, with an additional Proceedings article to document the history summarized at this meeting.

J. Williams: 12 November is open re: football schedule. Can rent hotels at reasonable rate. L. Page and others in FL, museum at UF is possible option as meeting venue. Additionally, conference center and hotel just off campus, need to work on price. Many active fish-based biologists, who will be potential help with meeting planning and negotiations.
From Floor: In support of Gainesville à FL is a good place to attract some young members
G. Adams: fairly central locations in past 2 years, move meeting location to different part of southeastern region.
J. Williams: Noel Burkhead sends his best, otherwise he would have been here. USGS support
B. Fluker: airport?
J. Williams: easy, ATL, Tampa, Orlando, etc…accessible via air traffic.
C. Johnston: good

Call a vote for meeting in Florida
B. Freeman: motion

77 in favor, 1 opposed.

Member willing to host meeting in 2016 in Jackson, MS. Matt Roberts willing to host meeting. New conference facilities possible. Matt Roberts: collections expansion is just completed, Jackson’s microbrew rules have been relaxed, may have a good scene by 2016.

Old Business

Investment of funds: a committee is being formed to address the issue of fund investment.  This committee will work to advise the Awards Committee on monies available to award students.  Contact someone with experience in investment

$45,000 in the bank. Suggested we invest half of that. It was suggested to contact Margaret Neighbors from ASIH to get some advice re: investment. Need to move forward to form committee. Will contact M. Neighbors re: best investment path.

New Business

- G. Adams: Move in future meetings 1st hour or so devoted to meeting time for technical committees. Difficult to find time to meet, gives everyone a chance to meet face to face. Result in starting first session at 9am.
Floor: Side note to student awards: at ASIH sent score sheets. Useful as a student who is learning. Is that possible to send sheets and out reviews for SFC?
MFC: need to modify current
M. Freeman: No problem with open and not blind.
If concerns with name, don’t put it on the sheet.
B. Fluker: write reviews as if you expect student to read.
B. Kuhajda: this year, give to students and rip judge’s names off.
G. Adams: Give back at awards times?

- B. Albanese: Cypriniforms symposium reminder. Still room for new abstracts
Can the symposium be sponsored by SFC, no money, etc. Advertisement. Logo for meeting advertising.
G. Adams: can get a logo to B. Albanese to bring to SDAFS.
B. Alford: Can SFC sponsor the “Recent Advances in Stream Sampling” symposium as well?

-M. Roberts: Recruiting for new Ichthyologists at the MMNS. Full time position, state, full benefits. Good curators in the past, stemming back to Fannie Cook. It is Mississippi, but we enjoy exceptional support at the museum, in an age when collections are suffering, MMNS is in a good position.

-F. Rhode: Board of directors of NANFA. Give 2 $1000 grants 1 in conservation, and 1 in education. Applications due Jan 15. Please apply. Also, coeditor of quarterly journal, go to

-J. Williams: Dates for next year: Travel on Wed 11 (Veterans Day), Thursday 12, Friday 13, travel on Sat, 14
1999 WWF had meeting on state of our rivers in Chattanooga, set off WWF conservation in SE, the office has dissolved in Nashville. Thinking about trying to get something going about SE fishes. Will send to secretary to disperse info to members. Last meeting was a 2-day meeting driven by fishes, probably similar format for future meeting.

-Coombs:  Advertising at AFS, and SDAFS.
G. Adams: advertise SFC to both symposia at SDAFS in 2015.
B. Albanese: good high quality image for SDAFS.

Business meeting adjourned at 5:20 pm

Recorded by Secretary Cashner