Southeastern Fishes Council
Dedicated to the Conservation of Southeastern Fishes

2015 Business Meeting
41st Annual Meeting Southeastern Fishes Council
Gainesville, FL
12-14 November, 2015


Call to order:
President Ginny Adams called the business meeting to order at 4:15 pm on 13 November, 2014.
79 members in attendance

2013 Business Meeting minutes:
Unanimous approval
To be uploaded to website ASAP.


Secretary, Mollie F. Cashner:

The 2014 meeting minutes were approved by online survey with 39 votes. Edits and error corrections were made, and the minutes were subsequently uploaded to the SFC website. This process was facilitated by the use of Survey Monkey and was successful, although response was characteristically low for online voting.

Much of the rest of the year was devoted to answering emails and dispersing messages to the membership via email. An additional effort was made to communicate meeting announcements to the SFC Facebook page to enhance social media communication in addition to the focused e-mail communication. Emails have been generally sent to a “contact” list which includes past meeting attendees and members. Only votes for society business (ex. minutes) are targeted to the membership email list. If you are a member but have not received emails, be sure to check your membership account to ensure your email is correct/current

Treasurer, Steve Rider:

Financially – doing well end of the Ashville meeting ~54K in the bank, net gain of $1800, after meeting. Highest attendance 172 in Ashville. Some of the expenses relate to Wild Apricot ($424) – useful in keeping information updated.
Current meeting ~income $14K,
Membership for this year 183 members
After this meeting will have over $50k in the bank for SFC

Website à paid ahead for 3 years to compensate for future increase in cost for use of Wild Apricot site.

Meeting costs à $19k + tshirt +
Net from Gainesville meeting ~$1800

If you want a copy of treasurer’s report, request via email, and it will be sent out.

Nominating Committee, Rebecca Johansen

-Brook Fluker is being removed from ballot for Treasurer due to his current obligations to editorial process of Proceedings.

Thank you to the nominees who are willing to serve. Ballots handed out, and votes cast.

Awards Committee, Ginny Adams-

Kyle Piller, Bryn Tracy, Alexis Janosik and Ginny Adams initiated and SFC began offering travel awards for students at the 2015 meeting.  The proposal was submitted to the membership for an online vote and passed unanimously (74 votes total).  For the 2015 meeting 20 students applied and 10 were awarded travel awards ($100 each) that encompassed six universities based on a random draw of names. A donation option was added for student travel to the meeting registration and $595 was donated by a total of 22 members via Wild Apricot – some additional monies via check. 

The Awards Committee puts forth the following motion to the membership:

In honor of founding members of the society that have played a substantial role in the mentorship and development of students throughout the years, the Awards Committee would like to make a motion for the naming of the following awards:

The student travel award will be named the Boschung Student Travel Award.

The best student oral presentation award will be named the Etnier Best Student Presentation Award.

The best student poster presentation will be named the Suttkus Best Student Poster Presentation Award.
Call for vote: Unanimous voice vote – motion passed

Resolutions Committee: Rebecca Johansen, Pat Rakes, Chris Skelton and Wayne Starnes

Resolution –SEFishes council standing 11th Student Travel Award: Wild Turkey Travel Award, in honor of Bo & David Etneir
Motion to accept resolution:
Bernie – great ideas
Near – Wild Turkey 101; clarification
Starnes – 11th award to add to the 10 standing awards
Call 101st Travel Award
Near, second
All in favor à unanimous pass with “ayes” Resolution passes

Program Committee –Jim Williams

Recap of Gainesville meeting:

Number of states: 15 (furthest away, Hawaii) – Loyal Merhoff
Total attendance: 136
Student attendance: 47
States with highest attendance: TN (28), FL (23); GA (17), AL (17), AK (13)

Proceedings Committee and State Reports: Ben Keck and Brook Fluker

Online format: 3 articles published, 3 in process, one will be published soon, the other two are waiting for revisions. Over 1600 downloads since the website is up. We have an international readership. The State Reports for 2015 will be published in February 2016.
Review process: average of ~49.5 days for an initial decision from submission. 20% rejection rate. No page or figure charges. Working on being listed by DOAJ – need to name an editorial board that provides direction to the journal, also have to split old issues up (by article, vs. by issue). The UT Library is working on splitting the PDFs up from past issues to help facilitate this transition. Once those main tasks are complete, we can submit application to DOAJ.

Plea – submit articles: original research articles, notes (range expansions, etc). Because online color pictures are ago.

Brook -> Ben has a good job in making our progress so far.

Jim Williams asked if every time a new pdf is generated, can we send an email to membership to encourage membership involvement and ms submission.

Technical Advisory Committee

:  SFC responded to one call for action in 2015 related to proposed dams on the Pascagoula River, update by Jake/Jim

Kyle Piller drafted the letter that went out on behalf of the SFC.
Jake Schafer: Army Corps à noise about Pascagoula impoundment. Active backlash from locals. This particular one was problematic, Corps found oil spill $$ to pay for it elucidated fears that Corps would go around the normal channels.
Williams, Piller, Shafer, on top of it, contact with press and politicans, Appears to be dead due to high degree of negative pushback from public in Mississippi. Seems to have been averted, but must keep vigilant.

G. Adams à remember to bring these types of issues to our ExCom to keep our conservation and environment issues active.

Membership Committee: Jim Williams and Ginny Adams

Total members 2015 – 187, student members 52
Jim Williams: information to encourage local participation:
FL Chapter of AFS,
Recommend get info to Southern Division of AFS for meeting advertisement.
Focus on regional state Chapters send through newsletter process (no postage necessary).

G. Adams: new members present at this meeting, which is one of the goals of moving around the meeting location.

Website Committee, Jake Schaefer:

Abstract and process went well.
On website, Noel Burkehead began list of fishes with pictures, call for volunteers to update and maintain list on website. If interested contact Jake.

Meeting Site Committee:

Presentation of locations for a vote-
Jackson, MS
meeting venue, Matt Roberts suggested the MMNS à lots of space for oral presentations (~200+ seats), large area for social and poster session (alcohol allowed on grounds). One negative is that the museum is not walkable from the hotel to the venue. Possible to hire/volunteer shuttle rides to the hotels from the meeting. Opportunities for social, cook out, etc. Hotels Hilton & Mariott with walkable

Cost to SFC to meeting in Museum, no charge at all. Food and transportation would be the only costs to SFC.
Cindy Williams: See if hotels will provide shuttle service
Adams: is it available for this time?
Williams: hold meeting 2-weeks before Tgiving, look at Veteran’s Day schedule for next year for dealing with travel.
Wagner: can check with museum to determine
Williams: does the museum have a caterer?
Wagner: museum has catering kitchen, so catering on site doable.
Alford: Children’s science museum in Jackson, walkable
B. Kujida: Veterans Day  is on Friday 2016, would possibly interfere with federal employees during the meeting.
C. Williams: holiday work issues.
B. Kujda: academic need thurs and fri,
Possible that Nov 3&4
J. Williams, earlier week run into SENAT meeting, advantages to meeting the 2 weeks before Tgiving.

Chair Adams: Call for vote in Jackson, MS.
Unanimous approval

2017, Chattanooga local committees have agreed to host…
Start thinking about 2018, local committees think about volunteering.

Old Business

Investing money- need volunteers to populate a committee to investigate.
Chair Adams: suggest taking $$ in the bank and look at investment options. Call for volunteers to be part of the committee
Cindy Williams
Chair Adams: want to have some suggestions brought to the floor of society with options.

New Business

Election Results:
Secretary: Matt Wagner
Treasurer: Michael Sandel
Chair Elect: Tanya Darden


At this point Chair Adams would normally hand over authority to Chair Elect from 2013. Due to his current condition, Piller asked that Ginny will take over until he is recovered.
Unanimous approval

SDAFS- Wes Porak
New member of ExComm of SDAFS. Here to improve communication between SFC and SDAFS. Send any communication information to W. Porak. This way we can improve communication between committees.
Andrew Taylor à student at OK state, ensure that conservation biodiversity researchers at SDAFS, encourage SFC membership participation. Committees and board rooms available. Email list serve with jobs, grants, academic positions available if join list serve. This will be passed on to
Don’t have to be AFS member to give a paper at a meeting
Trying to promote linking website to SFC website.
Mutual cooporation between societies to help advertise meetings through both types of organizations.

Chair Adams: link multiple organizations that engage in aquatic research.

Nongame aquatics committee. Need a presence of people to participate in these committees.

Steve Rider: B. Wagner chair. S. Rider was chair, but participation was lacking.

B. Alford: Warmwaters Stream Chair, discussion of joining the Nongame aquatics committee being subsumed to Warmwaters Stream Committee (in AFS).

Rider: Contact difficult to get enough people without other obligations – difficult to make multiple committees relavant to lots of people. Suggest melting together instead of resurrecting the Nongame committee.

W. Porak: Looking to emphasize a significant component of conservation into SDAFS. Encourage bringing the science to as many venues as possible and want to bring the conservation component (therefore SFC membership) to participate in SDAFS. Another venue/format to get information out.

W. Starnes: combine warmwater + diversity as a single committee to make it maybe more appealing in a conservation format.

W. Porak: reach out to see if the diversity committee.

B. Alford: 2 years ago subsume nongame into warmwater (voted against), the following year, no members showed up to participate. Recruitment is problematic.

Cindy Williams: SDAFS à session on crayfish; lots of nongame.

B. Kiujida: meeting fatigue
T. Darden: lots of SFC participation that already attends the SDAFS.

J. Williamd: link of SDAFS on SFC website, and vice versa to encourage advertisement and communication between the societies.
Trying to meet with multiple meetings, regional issues, because SDAFS has a larger bredth than the SFC focus so, some issues may be strictly regional.

P. Rakes: membership discount for SFC members to join SDAFS?
W. Porak: possible

P. Rakes: “nongame” is derogatory, rebrand the name to diversity.
Mark Cantrell: Proceedings could be a great place for SDAFS members to look for possible publication opportunities.
B. Albanese: more exposure to the nongame committee meetings could improve participation…
J. Williams: disconnect with AFS headquarters, treatment of conservation papers when sent to Fisheries, strong restrictions on publications of that nature. These conservation papers are highly cited in Fisheries, but seems that a priority is not placed on those. Seems to be a severe disconnect. However, the SDAFS seems to be doing a good job in conservation.
C. Williams: there have been a lot of changes in the national level.

Chair Adams: Recommend that any SFC students may participate in SDAFS and participate in the Warmwater Committee..
2 workshops (data management) & symposium (sampling techniques). Other training workshops through other committees.

G. Adams: next year any SFC members encouraged to participate.

J. Freedman: 2017, national AFS in Tampa. Think about SFC participation.
W. Porak: national meeting, expecting ~3000 attendees.

New Bisiness: Matt Wagner: no charge for MS museum venue

New Business:
Cindy Williams,
Greg Moyer, left. No conservation geneticists. Looking for a replacement, look out for a new announcement soon. Looking for conservation genetics work at Warmsprings, GA. Good lab, lots of work, sturgeon, darters, etc. If anyone is interested or know someone who is interested, please give Cindy email so she can add your email to her list.

B Kujida, move to ajourn, S. Rider second…
Meeting adjourned at 4:20

Recorded by Secretary Waganer