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Pascagoula City Council Opposes Lake George Project
February 2, 2017
Diamond Darter Listing
August 2, 2012
Rare Darters Found in Lower Coosawattee
August 19, 2010
Silent Streams
April 5, 2010
Alabama Home To Half Of The Southeast's 12 Most Endangered Fish
November 13, 2008
Alabama Sturgeon On The Brink Of Extinction
November 12, 2008
A Possible New Species of Fish In The High Country
June 17, 2008
Teamwork Helps Keep Rare Tiny Fish Alive
May 10, 2008
Extraordinary Effort To Save An Endangered Fish
April 29, 2008
Oak Ridge Scientists Returning Native Fish To Once Polluted Creek
April 10, 2008
Scientists Implant Transmitters In Fish
March 22, 2008
Endangered Sturgeon Returning To Suwannee River
March 17, 2008
Biologists Shock Fish To Estimate Population Levels
September 17, 2007
A Good Fish Story: Okaloosa Darter May Be Taken Off Endangered List
August 14, 2007
Rare Fish Released Into Oconaluftee River
June 18, 2007
Rare Catch Could Spawn Resurgence Of Sturgeon In Bay
June 13, 2007
Georgia-Raised Lake Sturgeon Planned For Tennessee Release
June 5, 2007
VA Scientists Searching For Secrets Of Stealthy Sturgeon
June 1, 2007
Decision Favors Alabama Sturgeon
May 18, 2007
Biologists Remove Catfish From Georgia River
May 14, 2007
Voracious Catfish Will Be Stunned And Then Removed From Satilla River
May 13, 2007
Scientists Hope Tagged Sturgeon Will Lead Them To Others
April 15, 2007
TVA Megasite Aims To Attract Auto Plant
April 10, 2007
Report Faults Interior Appointee
March 30, 2007
Make Way For The Eels
January 16, 2007
Fish and Wildlife Service Conducts Five-Year Status Review of 14 Southeastern Species
August 2, 2012
Endangered Fish
November 28, 2006
Potomac Spawns 'Intersex' Fish
September 11, 2006
Stream Shows Signs Of Life
September 10, 2006
Fish And Wildlife Service Conducts Five-Year Status Reviews Of 14 Southeastern Species
September 8, 2006
Tennessee Man Says He Caught A Piranha
August 25, 2006
Native Brook Trout Make Comeback In Smokies
June 12, 2006
Scientists Seek Causes Of Stress For Dying Fish
June 11, 2006
Snakehead Found In Tennessee
May 30, 2006
Finding Of Snakehead Fish Worries Memphis
January 12, 2006
Tiny Catfish Species Pulls Back From Near-Extinction
November 14, 2005
In Rain's Wake, A Deluge Of Snakeheads
October 11, 2005
Paddlefish Making Comeback In Area Rivers
October 9, 2005
Imported ‘Snakehead' Threatens Local Fisheries
October 6, 2005
Panel Votes To Cap Catch Of Menhaden Fish
August 18, 2005
Report Indicates Trouble For Gray Trout Stock
June 29, 2005
Eels Next On Endangered List?
March 24, 2005
Rappahannock Bass Numbers Back On Rise
February 2, 2005
Renewed Effort Stirs In Va. To Protect Menhaden
January 3, 2005
14th Snakehead Caught In Potomac Tributary
July 14, 2004
A Carp Of A Different Color Is Still A Worry
July 12, 2004
Burrowing Catfish Threaten Lake Okeechobee Dikes And Levees
June 21, 2004
Snakehead's Latest Lair May Be The Potomac River
June 10, 2004
Asian Carp Impacting Local Waters
June 5, 2004
Tiny Rare Catfish Continues To Elude Biology Team
May 17, 2004
Kentucky Has Some Walleye, Too - Including A Few Native Fish
May 2, 2004
Corps Sees Its Resources Siphoned Off: Wetlands restoration officials sent to Iraq
April 24, 2004
Mississippi River Listed As One Of 10 'Most Endangered'
April 14, 2004
Corps Seeks Help To Scale Down Plan
April 10, 2004
Green Light On Fish Highway: Savannah River Flow Plan Aims To Aid Migratory Species
March 28, 2004
Conservation Group Ready To Fill Lakes With Florida Bass
March 23, 2004
New Fish Species Discovered in Midwestern River by Biology Researcher
March 8, 2004
Duck Hunters Win One For Isolated Wetlands - Or Do They?
March 4, 2004
EPA Raises Awareness Of Tainted Fish
March 4, 2004
Fish Hatchery Will Be Home To Bass Conservation Center
February 26, 2004
Explosives Rip Into Embrey Dam
February 24, 2004
Dam to Disappear
March 26, 2003
Agency Seeks Proposals From States For Endangered Species
December 10, 2002
Needmore Tract Secured at Little Tennessee River
December 4, 2002
Alabama's Vermilion Darter Called Endangered
December 7, 2001