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A Possible New Species of Fish In The High Country
June 17, 2008

Release from:
Adam Hicks

Over the past few weeks, something fishy has been going on in Phillip's Creek.

Abe Nail has seen some very strange fish swimming in Phillip's Creek. Nail said the fish he saw were a bright, scarlet red with white fins, and were about 2 to 2 inches long.

Nail said the fish come around for a few weeks in late May and early June.

Nail thinks the fish may turn this bright red color as part of their mating ritual. He said they turn back to a drab orange after a few days.

Nail said he has never seen this type of fish anywhere else, and thinks it may be a new species. Nail said, "From what I've searched on it, it's some species of shiner. I had a good friend who was an entomologist and he said he thought it was a dace. But I've checked them both and I think it's a type of shiner, but I'm not sure."

Nail said he has seen the fish at the same time almost every year since 1993.