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Proceedings Information for Contributors

The primary purpose of the Proceedings is to publish peer-reviewed research papers and critical reviews of activities; regional reports and notes; and other pertinent information pertaining to the biology and conservation of southeastern fishes. The Proceedings is also an outlet for range extensions, distributions, and status papers, covering ecology and conservation ichthyology. Life history studies, faunal surveys, management issues, behavior, genetics and taxonomy of southeastern fishes are appropriate topics for papers in the Proceedings. Review papers or information on imperiled waters or fishes are particularly appropriate.

Manuscripts should be submitted in electronic format; preferably in either Word (.docx) or as a rich text file (.rtf). A good guide for manuscript preparation is the Sixth Edition of the CBE Style Manual available form the Council of Biology Editors, One Illinois Center, Suite 200, 111 East Wacker Drive, Chicago, IL 60601-4298.

The entire manuscript including the Abstract (required for longer articles), Introduction, Methods, Results, Discussion, Acknowledgments, Literature Cited, Appendices, Tables, and Figure Legends must be double-spaced. The title, author's name and author's address (including fax number and email address for corresponding author) should be centered on the first page. Indicate a suggested running head of less than ten words at the bottom of the first page. An Abstract (if necessary) will be placed at the beginning of the text. Acknowledgments will be cited in the text immediately before the Literature Cited. All references cited in the paper will follow the standard format of using the last name of the author(s) followed by the year of publication of the paper. In the Literature Cited, the references will be alphabetical by the author's last name and chronological under a single authorship. Literature cited should be standardized and abbreviated, using the World List of Aquatic Sciences And Fisheries Serial Titles or guidelines in CBE Manual for Authors, Editors, and Publishers 6 th ed. for journals not included in the World List.

Tables should be typed on a separate page, consecutively numbered and should have a short descriptive heading. Figures (to include maps, graphs, charts, drawings and photographs) should be consecutively numbered and if grouped as one figure each part block lettered in the lower left corner. Computer-generated graphics should be high quality prints; for drawings, high quality prints or photocopies are preferred to the original line art. Legends for figures must be on a separate sheet and each figure must be identified on the back. The desired location of each table or figure should be indicated in the margin of the manuscript. When possible, tables and figures will be reduced to one column width (3.5 in), so lettering on figures should be of appropriate size. Color figures can be printed at the author's expense.

Manuscripts will be subject to editing and will be reviewed by at least two anonymous persons knowledgeable in the subject matter. Specific instructions will be sent to the corresponding author with the edited manuscript. After completion of recommended changes and corrections, an electronic copy of the final form of the text, tables and figures should be returned to the Editor. Page proofs will be provided to the corresponding author for review before final printing. Reprints can be ordered at the time of printing, and will be supplied to the author at the cost of printing.

Regional reports, news notes and other short communications will also be edited and included when possible in the next number.

Only manuscripts from members of The Southeastern Fishes Council will be considered for publication. There is no charge for publishing in the Proceedings. All manuscripts and short communications should be sent to the editor:

David Neely, Editor
Southeastern Fishes Council Proceedings
Tennessee Aquarium Conservation Institute
201 Chestnut St.
Chattanooga, TN 37402
phone 415-608-9227