Southeastern Fishes Council
Dedicated to the Conservation of Southeastern Fishes

h5>1996 Report of Region 6 - Southwest H.W. Robison (Southern Arkansas University) is completing the computerization of the fishes of the Ouachita National Forest using 26 years of field notes and miscellaneous literature/museum records, funded by the Ouachita National Forest and the Oxford Research Lab. He is also starting a biodiversity study of 52 springs and seeps in the Ouachita Mountains, continuing a description of the longnose darter in the Ouachita River system and has just finished a book on the endemic animals and plants of Arkansas, called "Only In Arkansas," which can be purchased through the University of Arkansas Press at Fayetteville, AR or through HWR at P.O. Box 1354 SAU, Magnolia AR 71753. Jack Killgore (US Army Corps of Engineers, Waterways Experiment Station [WES]) has completed a study of velocity. preferences -and swimming performance 'of the cypress darter and along with graduate students Jim Morrow and Matt Chan, is monitoring Gulf sturgeon in the West Pearl River system, LA. Jan Hoover (WES) is analyzing data on fish-habitat relationships in the Cypress Bayou system of east Texas. Phil Kirk (WES) has initiated studies of effects of reservoir operations on fish recruitment in Hugo Lake, OK. Eric Dibble (WES) is collaborating with Ray Drenner to study relationships between fish and aquatic plants in experimental ponds at Texas Christian University. Neil Douglas (NLU) is revising his key to Louisiana fishes with Mike Fitzsimons (LSU), Bob Wallus (TVA) and Dick Hoese. The updated version will include all fishes, marine and freshwater, and offer information on behavior and ecology and keys to larval stages. Frank Pezold (NLU) has just completed a study of fish production in an isolated floodplain swamp. He is also directing student research projects examining habitat partitioning by darters in a central Louisiana creek (with Steven Dupre), diet selectivity by saddleback darters (with Lisa Loe), multivariate analysis of fish-habitat associations in Ouachita Mountain headwater creeks (with Luzette Kincaid) and construction of an IBI for headwater streams of the Ouachita Mountains (with Chris Metcalf, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission).

Frank Pezold