Southeastern Fishes Council
Dedicated to the Conservation of Southeastern Fishes

Cahaba River Protection
Whereas the Southern Fishes Council is dedicated to the preservation of southeastern fishes, and

Whereas the Cahaba River supports one of the largest freshwater fish faunas in North America for its size and an extraordinary number of haitats for this unique fish life, and

Whereas there are impending threats to this unique river and its constituent fish fauna regarding uncontrolled urban runoff, inadequate standards for industrial discharge, existing levels of heavy metals that are too high, and an extraordinarily high percentage of waste water discharge for the size of the river,

Therefore Be It Resolved that the Southeastern Fishes Council urges the Alabama Department of Environmental Management and the State of Alabama to move to establish regulations for the Cahaba River and other "Outstanding Alabama Waters" that are adequate to prevent any significant further lowering of water quality, and that will begin to restore the water quality of these waterways.