Southeastern Fishes Council
Dedicated to the Conservation of Southeastern Fishes

Pea River Impoundment
Whereas the Southeastern Fishes Council is dedicated to the preservation of southeastern fishes and the habitats on which they depend,

Whereas the Pea River is one of the largest free-flowing rivers in Alabama, and the Choctawhatchee River Drainage Basin of which the Pea River is part, contains a diverse and biogeographically interesting fish fauna including some of the last known populations of important anadromous species such as the Alabama shad and the Gulf sturgeon,

Whereas the proposed impoundment of the Pea River at Ariton, Alabama to create a 5,000 to 12,000 acre reservoir would dramatically alter the free-flowing river and is almost certain to impact negatively on the native fish fauna,

Whereas past studies by the Corps of Engineers showed that the costs of the reservoir would outweigh the expected benefits.

Therefore Be It Resolved that the Southeastern Fishes Council urges that the U.S. Corps of Engineers and the Soil Conservation Service not proceed with plans to impound the Pea River at Ariton, or to make other modifications to the Pea/Choctawhatchee Basin that would have a negative impact on the native fishes.

Be It Futher Resolved that copies of this resolution be sent to the Corps of Engineers Mobile District, and the Soil Conservation Service in Alabama.