Southeastern Fishes Council
Dedicated to the Conservation of Southeastern Fishes

Native Fishes of the Southeastern United States

Table 1. Fishes found within the boundaries of the Southeastern Fishes Council (see SFC Constitution; SFC boundaries are shown in Map 1). The list is a modification of the “southern” fishes list in Warren et al. (2000): taxa extralimital to council boundaries have been deleted and western Gulf slope fishes (Rio Grande and east of the Balcones Escarpment) have been added. The list includes species, subspecies, undescribed taxa, species complexes, and distinct population segments known as evolutionary significant units (ESU). Conservation statuses used by the American Fisheries Society (Warren et al. 2000; Jelks et al. 2008) have been applied to all taxa; categories are CS, currently stable; V, vulnerable; T, threatened; E, endangered; EX, extirpated (from the southeastern United States), and X, extinct. Where all populations of a taxon have been assign status, the status of the nominal taxon is not counted (—).
Last updated 22 April, 2013

FamilyGenusSpeciesCommon NameAuthoritySFC StatusImages
Petromyzontidae Ichthyomyzon bdellium Ohio lamprey (Jordan) CS  Ichthyomyzon bdellium_13.jpg
Petromyzontidae Ichthyomyzon castaneus chestnut lamprey Girard CS  Ichthyomyzon castaneus_13.jpg
Petromyzontidae Ichthyomyzon fossor northern brook lamprey Reighard & Cummins CS  
Petromyzontidae Ichthyomyzon gagei southern brook lamprey Hubbs & Trautman CS  Ichthyomyzon gagei_4.jpg
Ichthyomyzon gagei_13.jpg
Petromyzontidae Ichthyomyzon greeleyi mountain brook lamprey Hubbs & Trautman CS  Ichthyomyzon greeleyi_2.jpg
Petromyzontidae Ichthyomyzon unicuspis silver lamprey Hubbs & Trautman CS  
Petromyzontidae Lampetra aepyptera least brook lamprey (Abbott) CS  Lampetra aepyptera_4.jpg
Lampetra aepyptera_13.jpg
Petromyzontidae Lampetra appendix American brook lamprey (DeKay) CS  
Petromyzontidae Petromyzon marinus sea lamprey (D) Linnaeus CS  Petromyzon marinus_9.jpg
Dasyatidae Dasyatis sabina Atlantic stingray (M) (Lesueur) CS  
Acipenseridae Acipenser brevirostrum shortnose sturgeon (D) Lesueur E  Acipenser brevirostrum_4.jpg
Acipenseridae Acipenser fulvescens lake sturgeon Rafinesque V  Acipenser fluvescens_18.jpg
Acipenseridae Acipenser oxyrinchus desotoi Gulf sturgeon (D) Vladykov T  Acipenser oxyrinchus desotoi_4.jpg
Acipenser oxyrinchus desotoi_4.1.jpg
Acipenser oxyrinchus desotoi_4.2.jpg
Acipenser oxyrinchus desotoi_4.3.jpg
Acipenser oxyrinchus desotoi_27.jpg
Acipenseridae Acipenser oxyrinchus oxyrinchus Atlantic sturgeon (D) Mitchill V  
Acipenseridae Scaphirhynchus albus pallid sturgeon (Forbes & Richardson) E  
Acipenseridae Scaphirhynchus platorynchus shovelnose sturgeon (Rafinesque) CS  
Acipenseridae Scaphirhynchus suttkusi Alabama sturgeon Williams & Clemmer E  Scaphirhynchus suttkusi_8.jpg
Polyodontidae Polyodon spathula paddlefish (Walbaum) V  Polyodon spathula_15.jpg
Lepisosteidae Atractosteus spatula alligator gar (Lacep?de) V  Atractosteus spatula_3.jpg
Lepisosteidae Lepisosteus oculatus spotted gar (Winchell) CS  Lepisosteus oculatus_13.jpg
Lepisosteidae Lepisosteus osseus longnose gar (Linnaeus) CS  Lepisosteus osseus_9.jpg
Lepisosteus osseus_13.jpg
Lepisosteidae Lepisosteus platostomus shortnose gar Rafinesque CS  Lepisosteus platostomus_13.jpg
Lepisosteidae Lepisosteus platyrhincus Florida gar DeKay CS  Lepisosteus platyrhincus_13.jpg
Amiidae Amia calva bowfin Linnaeus CS  Amia calva_9.jpg
Amia calva_27.jpg
Hiodontidae Hiodon alosoides goldeye (Rafinesque) CS  
Hiodontidae Hiodon tergisus mooneye Lesueur CS  Hiodon tergisus_13.jpg
Anguillidae Anguilla rostrata American eel (D) (Lesueur) CS  
Engraulidae Anchoa mitchilli bay anchovy (M) (Valenciennes) CS  Anchoa mitchilli_27.jpg
Clupeidae Alosa aestivalis blueback herring (D) (Micthill) CS  Alosa aestivalis_9.jpg
Clupeidae Alosa alabamae Alabama shad (D) Jordan & Evermann T  Alosa alabamae_14.jpg
Clupeidae Alosa chrysochloris skipjack herring (Rafinesque) CS  Alosa chrysochloris_13.jpg
Alosa chrysochloris_27.jpg
Clupeidae Alosa mediocris hickory shad (D) (Mitchill) CS  Alsoa mediocris_9.jpg
Clupeidae Alosa pseudoharengus alewife (D) (Wilson) CS  Alosa pseudoharengus_9.jpg
Clupeidae Alosa sapidissima American shad (D) (Wilson) CS  Alosa sapidissima_9.jpg
Clupeidae Dorosoma cepedianum gizzard shad (Lesueur) CS  Dorosoma cepedianum_9.jpg
Dorosoma cepedianum_13.jpg
Clupeidae Dorosoma petenense threadfin shad (G?nther) CS  Dorosoma petenense_13.jpg
Dorosoma petenense_9.jpg
Cyprinidae Campostoma anomalum anomalum central stoneroller (Rafinesque) CS  Campostoma anomalum_4.jpg
Campostoma anomalum_13.jpg
Campostoma anomalum_9.jpg
Cyprinidae Campostoma anomalum pullum Mississippi stoneroller (Agassiz) CS  
Cyprinidae Campostoma oligolepis largescale stoneroller Hubbs & Greene CS  Campostoma oligolepis_2.jpg
Campostoma oligolepis_13.jpg
Cyprinidae Campostoma pauciradii bluefin stoneroller Burr & Cashner CS  
Cyprinidae Campostoma spadiceum Highland stoneroller (Girard) CS  
Cyprinidae Clinostomus elongatus redside dace (Kirtland) CS  Clinostomus elongatus_15.jpg
Cyprinidae Clinostomus funduloides estor highland dace (Jordan & Brayton) CS  Clinostomus funduloides estor_4.jpg
Cyprinidae Clinostomus funduloides funduloides rosyside dace Girard CS  Clinostomus funduloides_2.jpg
Clinostomus funduloides_9.jpg
Cyprinidae Clinostomus sp. cf. funduloides "smoky dace" V  Clinostomus sp. cf funduloides_4.jpg
Cyprinidae Chrosomus cumberlandensis blackside dace Starnes & Starnes T  Chrosomus cumberlandensis_15.jpg
Cyprinidae Chrosomus erythrogaster southern redbelly dace (Rafinesque) CS  Chrosomus erythrogaster_13.jpg
Cyprinidae Chrosomus oreas mountain redbelly dace (Cope) CS  Chrosomus oreas_2.jpg
Cyprinidae Chrosomus saylori laurel dace Skelton E  Chrosomus saylori_11.jpg
Cyprinidae Chrosomus tennesseensis Tennessee dace Starnes & R. Jenkins V  
Cyprinidae Chrosomus sp. cf. saylori "Clinch dace" E  Chrosomus sp cf saylori_10.jpg
Cyprinidae Cyprinella analostana satinfin shiner Girard CS  Cyprinella analostana_9.jpg
Cyprinella analostana_2.jpg
Cyprinidae Cyprinella caerulea blue shiner (Jordan) E  Cyprinella caerulea_4.jpg
Cyprinella caerulea_15.jpg
Cyprinidae Cyprinella callisema Ocmulgee shiner (Jordan) CS  
Cyprinidae Cyprinella callistia Alabama shiner (Jordan) CS  Cyprinella callistia_4.jpg
Cyprinidae Cyprinella callitaenia bluestripe shiner (Bailey & Gibbs) V  
Cyprinidae Cyprinella camura bluntface shiner (Jordan & Meek) CS  Cyprinella camura_13.jpg
Cyprinidae Cyprinella chloristia greenfin shiner (Jordan & Brayton) CS  Cyprinella chlorisita_9.jpg
Cyprinidae Cyprinella galactura whitetail shiner (Cope) CS  Cyprinella galactura_2.jpg
Cyprinella galactura_9.jpg
Cyprinidae Cyprinella gibbsi Tallapoosa shiner (Howell & Williams) CS  Cyprinella gibbsi_4.jpg
Cyprinidae Cyprinella labrosa thicklip chub (Cope) CS  Cyprinella labrosa_9.jpg
Cyprinidae Cyprinella leedsi bannerfin shiner (Fowler) CS  Cyprinella leedsi_9.jpg
Cyprinidae Cyprinella lepida plateau shiner Girard V  
Cyprinidae Cyprinella sp. cf. lepida "Nueces shiner" V  
Cyprinidae Cyprinella lutrensis red shiner (Baird & Girard) CS  Cyprinella lutrensis_4.jpg
Cyprinidae Cyprinella nivea whitefin shiner (Cope) CS  Cyprinella nivea_9.jpg
Cyprinidae Cyprinella pyrrhomelas fieryblack shiner (Cope) CS  Cyprinella pyrrhomelas_9.jpg
Cyprinidae Cyprinella spiloptera spotfin shiner (Cope) CS  Cyprinella spiloptera_2.jpg
Cyprinella spiloptera_13.jpg
Cyprinidae Cyprinella trichroistia tricolor shiner (Jordan & Gilbert) CS  Cyprinella trichroistia_4.jpg
Cyprinella trichroistia_20.jpg
Cyprinidae Cyprinella venusta cercostigma southeastern blacktail shiner (Cope) CS  Cyprinella venusta cercostigma_4.jpg
Cyprinidae Cyprinella venusta stigmatura Mobile blacktail shiner (Jordan) CS  Cyprinella venusta stigmatura_4.jpg
Cyprinidae Cyprinella venusta venusta Mississippi blacktail shiner Girard CS  
Cyprinidae Cyprinella whipplei steelcolor shiner Girard CS  Cyprinella whipplei_2.jpg
Cyprinella whipplei_13.jpg
Cyprinidae Cyprinella xaenura Altamaha shiner (Jordan) V  
Cyprinidae Cyprinella zanema Santee chub (Jordan & Brayton) CS  Cyprinella zanema_9.jpg
Cyprinidae Dionda nigrotaeniata Guadalupe roundnose minnow (Cope) CS  
Cyprinidae Dionda serena Nueces roundnose minnow Girard CS  
Cyprinidae Erimonax monachus spotfin chub (Cope) T  Erimonax monachus_2.1.jpg
Erimonax monachus_2.2.jpg
Erimonax monachus_2.3.jpg
Cyprinidae Erimystax cahni slender chub (Hubbs & Crowe) E  Erimystax cahni_2.jpg
Cyprinidae Erimystax dissimilis streamline chub (Kirtland) CS  Erimystax dissimilis_2.jpg
Cyprinidae Erimystax harryi Ozark chub (Hubbs & Crowe) V  Erimystax harryi_13.jpg
Cyprinidae Erimystax insignis eristigma mountain blotched chub (Hubbs & Crowe) CS  Erimystax insignis eristigma_4.jpg
Cyprinidae Erimystax insignis insignis blotched chub (Hubbs & Crowe) CS  Erimystax insignis insignis_2.jpg
Cyprinidae Erimystax x-punctatus gravel chub (Hubbs & Crowe) CS  Erimystax x-punctatus_13.jpg
Cyprinidae Exoglossum laurae tonguetied minnow (Hubbs) CS  Exoglossum laurae_2.jpg
Cyprinidae Exoglossum maxillingua cutlips minnow (Lesueur) CS  Exoglossum maxillingua_2.jpg
Cyprinidae Hemitremia flammea flame chub (Jordan & Gilbert) V  Hemitremia flammea_3.jpg
Cyprinidae Hybognathus amarus Rio Grande silvery minnow (Girard) E  
Cyprinidae Hybognathus argyritis western silvery minnow Girard CS  
Cyprinidae Hybognathus hayi cypress minnow Jordan CS  
Cyprinidae Hybognathus nuchalis Mississippi silvery minnow Agassiz CS  Hybognathus nuchalis_13.jpg
Cyprinidae Hybognathus placitus plains minnow Girard CS  
Cyprinidae Hybognathus regius eastern silvery minnow Girard CS  Hybognathus regius_2.jpg
Cyprinidae Hybopsis amblops bigeye chub (Rafinesque) CS  Hybopsis amblops_2.jpg
Hybopsis amblops_13.jpg
Cyprinidae Hybopsis amnis pallid shiner (Hubbs & Greene) V  Hybopsis amnis_13.jpg
Cyprinidae Hybopsis hypsinotus highback chub (Cope) CS  Hybopsis hypsinotus_2.jpg
Hybopsis hypsinotus_9.jpg
Cyprinidae Hybopsis lineapunctata lined chub Clemmer & Suttkus V  Hybopsis lineapunctata_4.jpg
Cyprinidae Hybopsis rubrifrons rosyface chub (Jordan) CS  Hybopsis rubrifrons_9.jpg
Cyprinidae Hybopsis winchelli clear chub Girard CS  
Cyprinidae Hybopsis sp. cf. winchelli "coastal chub" CS  
Cyprinidae Luxilus albeolus white shiner (Jordan) CS  Luxilus albeolus_2.jpg
Cyprinidae Luxilus cardinalis cardinal shiner (Mayden) CS  
Cyprinidae Luxilus cerasinus crescent shiner (Cope) CS  Luxilus cerasinus_2.jpg
Cyprinidae Luxilus chrysocephalus chrysocephalus northern striped shiner Rafinesque CS  
Cyprinidae Luxilus chrysocephalus isolepis southern striped shiner (Hubbs & Brown) CS  
Cyprinidae Luxilus coccogenis warpaint shiner (Cope) CS  Luxulus coccogenis_2.jpg
Luxilus coccogenis_9.jpg
Cyprinidae Luxilus cornutus common shiner (Mitchill) CS  Luxilus cornutus_2.jpg
Cyprinidae Luxilus pilsbryi duskystripe shiner (Fowler) CS  
Cyprinidae Luxilus zonatus bleeding shiner (Agassiz) CS  
Cyprinidae Luxilus zonistius bandfin shiner Jordan CS  
Cyprinidae Lythrurus ardens rosefin shiner (Cope) CS  Lythrurus ardens_2.jpg
Cyprinidae Lythrurus atrapiculus blacktip shiner (Snelson) CS  
Cyprinidae Lythrurus alegnotus Warrior shiner (Snelson) CS  
Cyprinidae Lythrurus bellus pretty shiner (Hay) CS  
Cyprinidae Lythrurus fasciolaris scarletfin shiner (Gilbert) CS  Lythrurus fasciolaris_4.jpg
Cyprinidae Lythrurus fumeus ribbon shiner (Evermann) CS  
Cyprinidae Lythrurus lirus mountain shiner (Jordan) CS  Lythrurus lirus_2.jpg
Cyprinidae Lythrurus matutinus pinewoods shiner (Cope) CS  
Cyprinidae Lythrurus roseipinnis cherryfin shiner (Hay) CS  
Cyprinidae Lythrurus snelsoni Ouachita shiner (Robison) V  
Cyprinidae Lythrurus umbratilis cyanocephalus eastern redfin shiner Copeland CS  
Cyprinidae Lythrurus umbratilis umbratilis western redfin shiner (Girard) CS  Lythrurus u. umbratilis_13.1.jpg
Lythrurus u. umbratilis_13.jpg
Cyprinidae Macrhybopsis gelida sturgeon chub (Girard) V  
Cyprinidae Macrhybopsis hyostoma speckled chub (Gilbert) CS  Macrhybopsis hyostoma_13.jpg
Cyprinidae Macrhybopsis marconis burrhead chub (Jordan & Gilbert) CS  
Cyprinidae Macrhybopsis meeki sicklefin chub (Jordan & Evermann) V  
Cyprinidae Macrhybopsis storeriana silver chub (Kirtland) CS  Macrhybopsis storeriana_13.jpg
Cyprinidae Macrhybopsis aestivalis speckled chub T  
Cyprinidae Macrhybopsis sp. cf. aestivalis 1 "Coosa chub" V  
Cyprinidae Macrhybopsis sp. cf. aestivalis 2 "Florida chub" V  
Cyprinidae Macrhybopsis sp. cf. aestivalis 3 "Mobile chub" CS  
Cyprinidae Margariscus margarita margarita pearl dace (Cope) V  Margariscus margarita_2.jpg
Cyprinidae Nocomis asper redspot chub Lachner & Jenkins CS  
Cyprinidae Nocomis biguttatus hornyhead chub (Kirtland) CS  Nocomis biguttatus_13.jpg
Cyprinidae Nocomis effusus redtail chub Lachner & Jenkins CS  
Cyprinidae Nocomis leptocephalus bellicus Gulf chub Girard CS  Nocomis leptocephalus bellicus_4.jpg
Cyprinidae Nocomis leptocephalus interocularis Georgian chub Lachner & Wiley CS  
Cyprinidae Nocomis leptocephalus leptocephalus bluehead chub (Girard) CS  Nocomis l. leptocephalus_2.1.jpg
Nocomis l. leptocephalus_2.jpg
Nocomis leptocephalus_9.jpg
Cyprinidae Nocomis micropogon river chub (Cope) CS  Nocomis micropogon_2.jpg
Nocomis micropogon_9.jpg
Cyprinidae Nocomis platyrhynchus bigmouth chub Lachner & Jenkins CS  
Cyprinidae Nocomis raneyi bull chub Lachner & Jenkins CS  Nocomis raneyi_2.jpg
Cyprinidae Notemigonus crysoleucas golden shiner (Mitchill) CS  Notemigonus crysoleucas_2.jpg
Notemigonus crysoleucas_9.jpg
Cyprinidae Notropis albizonatus palezone shiner Warren & Burr E  
Cyprinidae Notropis alborus whitemouth shiner Hubbs & Raney CS  Notropis alborus_9.jpg
Cyprinidae Notropis altipinnis highfin shiner (Cope) CS  Notropis altipinnis_9.jpg
Cyprinidae Notropis amabilis Texas shiner (Girard) CS  
Cyprinidae Notropis ammophilus orangefin shiner Suttkus & Boschung CS  
Cyprinidae Notropis amoenus comely shiner (Abbott) CS  Notropis amoenus_9.jpg
Cyprinidae Notropis amplamala silverjaw minnow Pera and Ambruster CS  Notropis amplamala_7.jpg
Cyprinidae Notropis ariommus popeye shiner (Cope) V  Notropis ariommus_2.jpg
Cyprinidae Notropis asperifrons burrhead shiner Suttkus & Raney CS  Notropis asperifrons_4.jpg
Cyprinidae Notropis atherinoides emerald shiner Rafinesque CS  Notropis atherinoides_13.jpg
Cyprinidae Notropis atrocaudalis blackspot shiner Evermann CS  
Cyprinidae Notropis baileyi rough shiner Suttkus & Raney CS  
Cyprinidae Notropis bairdi Red River shiner Hubbs & Ortenburger CS  
Cyprinidae Notropis bifrenatus bridle shiner Cope V  
Cyprinidae Notropis blennius river shiner (Girard) CS  
Cyprinidae Notropis boops bigeye shiner Gilbert CS  
Cyprinidae Notropis buccatus silverjaw minnow (Cope) CS  Notropis buccatus_13.jpg
Cyprinidae Notropis buchanani ghost shiner Meek CS  
Cyprinidae Notropis cahabae Cahaba shiner Mayden & Kuhajda E  
Cyprinidae Notropis candidus silverside shiner Suttkus CS  
Cyprinidae Notropis chalybaeus ironcolor shiner (Cope) V  Notropis chalybaeus_13.jpg
Notropis chalybaeus_9.jpg
Cyprinidae Notropis chiliticus redlip shiner (Cope) CS  Notropis chiliticus_2.jpg
Notropis chiliticus_9.jpg
Cyprinidae Notropis chlorocephalus greenhead shiner (Cope) CS  Notropis chlorocephalus_9.jpg
Cyprinidae Notropis sp. cf. chlorocephalus "Piedmont shiner" CS  
Cyprinidae Notropis chrosomus rainbow shiner (Jordan) CS  Notropis chrosomus_4.jpg
Cyprinidae Notropis cummingsae dusky shiner Myers CS  Notropis cummingsae_9.jpg
Cyprinidae Notropis dorsalis bigmouth shiner (Agassiz) CS  Notropis dorsalis_13.jpg
Cyprinidae Notropis edwardraneyi fluvial shiner Suttkus & Clemmer CS  
Cyprinidae Notropis girardi Arkansas River shiner Hubbs & Ortenburger E  
Cyprinidae Notropis greenei wedgespot shiner Hubbs & Ortenburger CS  Notropis greenei_13.jpg
Cyprinidae Notropis harperi redeye chub Fowler CS  
Cyprinidae Notropis heterolepis blacknose shiner Eigenmann & Eigenmann V  Notropis heterolepis_13.jpg
Cyprinidae Notropis hudsonius spottail shiner (Clinton) CS  Notropis hudsonius_9.jpg
Notropis hudsonius_13.jpg
Cyprinidae Notropis hypsilepis highscale shiner Suttkus & Raney V  
Cyprinidae Notropis jemezanus Rio Grande shiner (Cope) E  
Cyprinidae Notropis leuciodus Tennessee shiner (Cope) CS  Notropis leuciodus_2.jpg
Notropis leuciodus_9.jpg
Cyprinidae Notropis longirostris longnose shiner (Hay) CS  Notropis longirostris_3.jpg
Cyprinidae Notropis lutipinnis yellowfin shiner (Jordan & Brayton) CS  Notropis lutipinnis_4.jpg
Cyprinidae Notropis maculatus taillight shiner (Hay) CS  Notropis maculatus_7.jpg
Notropis maculatus_9.jpg
Cyprinidae Notropis mekistocholas Cape Fear shiner Snelson E  
Cyprinidae Notropis melanostomus blackmouth shiner Bortone T  
Cyprinidae Notropis micropteryz highland shiner (Cope) CS  
Cyprinidae Notropis nubilus Ozark minnow (Forbes) CS  Notropis nubilus_13.jpg
Cyprinidae Notropis ortenburgeri Kiamichi shiner Hubbs V  
Cyprinidae Notropis oxyrhynchus sharpnose shiner Hubbs & Bonham T  
Cyprinidae Notropis ozarcanus Ozark shiner Meek V  Notropis ozarcanus_13.jpg
Cyprinidae Notropis percobromus complex carmine shiners (Cope) CS  Notropis percobromus_13.jpg
Cyprinidae Notropis perpallidus peppered shiner Hubbs & Black V  
Cyprinidae Notropis petersoni coastal shiner Fowler CS  Notropis petersoni_7.jpg
Notropis petersoni_9.1.jpg
Notropis petersoni_9.jpg
Cyprinidae Notropis photogenis silver shiner (Cope) CS  Notropis photogenis_2.jpg
Notropis photogenis_13.jpg
Cyprinidae Notropis potteri chub shiner Hubbs & Bonham CS  
Cyprinidae Notropis procne swallowtail shiner (Cope) CS  Notropis procne_2.jpg
Notropis procne_9.jpg
Cyprinidae Notropis rafinesquei Yazoo shiner Suttkus CS  
Cyprinidae Notropis rubellus rosyface shiner (Agassiz) CS  Notropis rubellus_2.jpg
Notropis rubellus_13.jpg
Cyprinidae Notropis sp. cf rubellus "New River rosyface shiner" (Agassiz) CS  
Cyprinidae Notropis rubricroceus saffron shiner (Cope) CS  Notropis rubricroceus_2.jpg
Cyprinidae Notropis rupestris bedrock shiner Page V  
Cyprinidae Notropis sabinae Sabine shiner Jordan & Gilbert CS  
Cyprinidae Notropis scabriceps New River shiner (Cope) CS  Notropis scabriceps_2.jpg
Cyprinidae Notropis scepticus sandbar shiner (Jordan & Gilbert) CS  Notropis scepticus_9.jpg
Cyprinidae Notropis semperasper roughhead shiner Gilbert V  
Cyprinidae Notropis shumardi silverband shiner (Girard) CS  
Cyprinidae Notropis simus bluntnose shiner (Cope) E  
Cyprinidae Notropis spectrunculus mirror shiner (Cope) CS  Notropis spectrunculus_2.jpg
Notropis spectrunculus_9.jpg
Cyprinidae Notropis sp. cf. spectrunculus "sawfin shiner" CS  
Cyprinidae Notropis stilbius silverstripe shiner (Jordan) CS  
Cyprinidae Notropis starmineus sand shiner (Girard) CS  Notropis stramineus_13.1.jpg
Notropis stramineus_13.jpg
Cyprinidae Notropis suttkusi rocky shiner Humphries & Cashner V  
Cyprinidae Notropis telescopus telescope shiner (Cope) CS  
Cyprinidae Notropis texanus weed shiner (Girard) CS  Notropis texanus_4.jpg
Cyprinidae Notropis topeka Topeka shiner (Gilbert) E  
Cyprinidae Notropis uranoscopus skygazer shiner Suttkus CS  
Cyprinidae Notropis volucellus complex mimic shiner (Cope) CS  Notropis volucellus_13.jpg
Cyprinidae Notropis wickliffi channel shiner Trautman CS  
Cyprinidae Notropis xaenocephalus Coosa shiner (Jordan) CS  Notropis xaenocepthalus_4.jpg
Cyprinidae Opsopoeodus emiliae emiliae pugnose minnow Hay CS  Opsopoeodus emiliae_3.jpg
Opsopoeodus emiliae_9.jpg
Cyprinidae Opsopoeodus emiliae peninsularis peninsula pugnose minnow (Gilbert & Bailey) CS  
Cyprinidae Phenacobius catostomus riffle minnow Jordan CS  
Cyprinidae Phenacobius crassilabrum fatlips minnow Minckley & Craddock CS  Phenacobius crassilabrum_2.jpg
Cyprinidae Phenacobius mirabilis suckermouth minnow (Girard) CS  Phenacobius mirabilis_13.jpg
Cyprinidae Phenacobius teretulus Kanawha minnow Cope CS  Phenacobius teretulus_2.jpg
Cyprinidae Phenacobius uranops stargazing minnow Cope CS  Phenacobius uranops_21.jpg
Cyprinidae Pimephales notatus bluntnose minnow (Rafinesque) CS  Pimephales notatus_13.jpg
Cyprinidae Pimephales promelas fathead minnow Rafinesque CS  Pimephales promelas_13.jpg
Cyprinidae Pimephales tenellus parviceps eastern slim minnow (Hubbs & Black) V  
Cyprinidae Pimephales tenellus tenellus western slim minnow (Girard) CS  
Cyprinidae Pimephales vigilax bullhead minnow (Baird & Girard) CS  Pimephales vigilax_13.jpg
Cyprinidae Platygobio gracilis flathead chub (Richardson) V  
Cyprinidae Pteronotropis euryzonus broadstripe shiner (Suttkus) V  Pteronotropis euryzonus_13.jpg
Pteronotropis euryzonus_13.1.jpg
Cyprinidae Pteronotropis grandipinnis Apalachee shiner (Jordan)  
Cyprinidae Pteronotropis hubbsi bluehead shiner (Bailey & Robison) V  Pteronotropis hubbsi_15.jpg
Cyprinidae Pteronotropis hypselopterus sailfin shiner G?nther CS  Pteronotropis hypselopterus_4.jpg
Cyprinidae Pteronotropis signipinnis flagfin shiner (Bailey & Suttkus) CS  Pteronotropis signipinnis_4.jpg
Cyprinidae Pteronotropis merlini orangetail shiner (Suttkus and Mettee) V  
Cyprinidae Pteronotropis metallicus complex metalic shiners (Jordan& Meek) CS  
Cyprinidae Pteronotropis sp. cf metalilicus "Alafia River sailfin shiner " T  
Cyprinidae Pteronotropis stonei lowland shiner (Fowler) V  Pteronotropis stonei_9.jpg
Cyprinidae Pteronotropis welaka bluenose shiner (Evermann & Kendall) V  
Cyprinidae Rhinichthys atratulus eastern blacknose dace (Hermann) CS  Rhinichthys atratulus_2.jpg
Rhinichthys atratulus_13.jpg
Cyprinidae Rhinichthys cataractae longnose dace (Valenciennes) CS  Rhinichthys cataractae_2.jpg
Rhinichthys cataractae_9.jpg
Cyprinidae Rhinichthys obtusus western blacknose dace Agassiz CS  Rhinichthys obtusus_2.jpg
Rhinichthys obtusus_9.jpg
Cyprinidae Semotilus atromaculatus creek chub (Mitchill) CS  Semotilus atromaculatus_2.jpg
Semotilus atromaculatus_9.jpg
Semotilus atromaculatus_13.jpg
Cyprinidae Semotilus corporalis fallfish (Mitchill) CS  Semotilus corporalis_2.jpg
Cyprinidae Semotilus lumbee sandhills chub Snelson & Suttkus V  Semotilus lumbee_9.jpg
Cyprinidae Semotilus thoreauianus Dixie chub Jordan CS  Semotilus thoreauianus_4.jpg
Catostomidae Carpiodes carpio river carpsucker (Rafinesque) CS  Carpiodes carpio_9.jpg
Carpiodes carpio_13.jpg
Catostomidae Carpiodes cyprinus complex quillbacks (Lesueur) CS  Carpiodes cyprinus_13.jpg
Catostomidae Carpiodes velifer complex highfin carpsuckers (Rafinesque) CS  Carpiodes velifer_9.jpg
Catostomidae Catostomus commersoni white sucker (Lacep?de) CS  Catostomus commersonii_9.jpg
Catostomidae Cycleptus elongatus blue sucker (Lesueur) V  
Catostomidae Cycleptus sp. cf. elongatus "Rio Grande population" T  
Catostomidae Cycleptus meridionalis southeastern blue sucker Burr & Mayden V  
Catostomidae Erimyzon calviformis western creek chubsucker (Girard) CS  
Catostomidae Erimyzon oblongus eastern creek chubsucker (Mitchill) CS  Erimyzon oblongus_2.1.jpg
Erimyzon oblongus_2.jpg
Erimyzon oblongus_9.jpg
Catostomidae Erimyzon sucetta lake chubsucker (Lacep?de) CS  Erimyzon sucetta_4.jpg
Erimyzon sucetta_7.jpg
Erimyzon sucetta_13.jpg
Catostomidae Erimyzon tenuis sharpfin chubsucker (Agassiz) CS  Erimyzon tenius_3.jpg
Erimyzon tenuis_3a.jpg
Erimyzon tenius_7.jpg
Catostomidae Hypentelium etowanum Alabama hog sucker (Jordan) CS  Hypentelium etowanum_4.jpg
Catostomidae Hypentelium nigricans northern hog sucker (Lesueur) CS  Hypentelium nigricans_13.jpg
Hypentelium nigricans_9.jpg
Catostomidae Hypentelium roanokense Roanoke hog sucker Raney & Lachner CS  Hypentelium roanokense_2.jpg
Catostomidae Ictiobus bubalus smallmouth buffalo (Rafinesque) CS  
Catostomidae Ictiobus cyprinellus bigmouth buffalo (Valenciennes) CS  Ictiobus cyprinellus_9.jpg
Catostomidae Ictiobus niger black buffalo (Rafinesque) CS  
Catostomidae Minytrema melanops spotted sucker (Rafinesque) CS  Minytrema melanops_3.jpg
Minytrema melanops_9.jpg
Catostomidae Moxostoma anisurum silver redhorse (Rafinesque) CS  Moxostoma anisurum_13.jpg
Catostomidae Moxostoma ariommum bigeye jumprock (Robins & Raney) CS  Moxostoma ariommus_2.jpg
Catostomidae Moxostoma breviceps smallmouth redhorse (Cope) CS  Moxostoma breviceps_13.jpg
Catostomidae Moxostoma carinatum river redhorse (Cope) CS  Moxostoma carinatum_13.jpg
Moxostoma carinatum_13.1.jpg
Catostomidae Moxostoma cervinum blacktip jumprock CS  Moxostoma cervinum_2.jpg
Catostomidae Moxostoma collapsum notchlip redhorse (Cope) CS  Moxostoma collapsum_9.jpg
Moxostoma collapsum_2.jpg
Catostomidae Moxtoma congestum gray redhorse (Baird & Girard) CS  
Catostomidae Moxostoma duquesnei black redhorse (Lesueur) CS  Moxostoma duquesnei_13.jpg
Catostomidae Moxostoma erythrurum golden redhorse (Rafinesque) CS  Moxostoma erythrurum_2.jpg
Moxostoma erythrurum_13.jpg
Catostomidae Moxostoma sp. cf. erythrurum "Carolina redhorse" E  
Catostomidae Moxostoma lachneri greater jumprock (Robins & Raney) CS  
Catostomidae Moxostoma sp. cf. lachneri "brassy jumprock" CS  Moxostoma lachenri_9.jpg
Catostomidae Moxostoma lacerum harelip sucker (Jordan & Brayton) X  
Catostomidae Moxostoma macrolepidotum shorthead redhorse (Lesueur) CS  Moxostoma macrolepidotum_13.jpg
Moxostoma macrolepidotum_9.jpg
Catostomidae Moxostoma sp. cf. macrolepidum "sicklefin redhorse" T  Moxostoma sp. cf. macrolepidotum_5.1.jpg
Moxostoma sp. cf macrolepidotum_5.jpg
Catostomidae Moxostoma pappillosum v-lip redhorse (Cope) CS  Moxostoma pappillosum_2.1.jpg
Moxostoma pappillosum_2.jpg
Moxostoma pappillosum_9.jpg
Catostomidae Moxostoma pisolabrum pealip redhorse Trautman & Martin CS  Moxostoma pisolabrum_13.jpg
Moxostoma pisolabrum_13.1.jpg
Catostomidae Moxostoma poecilurum blacktail redhorse Jordan CS  Moxostoma poecilurum_3.jpg
Catostomidae Moxostoma sp. cf. poecilurum "Apalachicola redhorse" CS  
Catostomidae Moxostoma robustum robust redhorse (Cope) --  Moxostoma robostum_6.jpg
Catostomidae Moxostoma robustum ESU 1 "Pee Dee River population" E  
Catostomidae Moxostoma robustum ESU 2 "Altamaha River population" E  
Catostomidae Moxostoma robustum ESU 3 "Savannah River population" E  
Catostomidae Moxostoma rupiscartes striped jumprock Jordan & R. Jenkins CS  Moxostoma rupiscartes_9.jpg
Catostomidae Moxostoma valenciennesi greater redhorse Jordan EX  Moxostoma valenciennesi_13.jpg
Catostomidae Thoburnia atripinnis blackfin sucker (Bailey) V  
Catostomidae Thoburnia hamiltoni rustyside sucker Raney & Lachner V  
Catostomidae Thoburnia rhothoeca torrent sucker (Thoburn) CS  Thoburnia rhothoeca_2.jpg
Ictaluridae Ameiurus brunneus snail bullhead Jordan V  Ameiurus brunneus_9.jpg
Ictaluridae Ameiurus catus white catfish (Linnaeus) CS  Ameiurus catus_2.jpg
Ameiurus catus_9.jpg
Ictaluridae Ameiurus melas black bullhead (Rafinesque) CS  Ameiurus melas_9.jpg
Ameiurus melas_9.jpg
Ictaluridae Ameiurus natalis yellow bullhead (Lesueur) CS  Ameiurus natalis_9.jpg
Ameiurus natalis_27.jpg
Ictaluridae Ameiurus nebulosus brown bullhead (Lesueur) CS  Ameiurus nebulosus_2.jpg
Ictaluridae Ameiurus platycephalus flat bullhead (Girard) V  Ameiurus platycephalus_2.jpg
Ameiurus platycephalus_9.jpg
Ictaluridae Ameiurus serracanthus spotted bullhead (Yerger & Relyea) V  Ameiurus serracanthus_4.jpg
Ictaluridae Ictalurus furcatus blue catfish (Lesueur) CS  Ictalurus furcatus_9.jpg
Ictaluridae Ictalurus punctatus channel catfish (Rafinesque) CS  Ictalurus punctatus_3.jpg
Ictalurus punctatus_13.jpg
Ictalurus punctatus_9.1.jpg
Ictalurus punctatus_9.jpg
Ictaluridae Noturus albater Ozark madtom Taylor CS  Noturus albater_13.jpg
Ictaluridae Noturus baileyi smoky madtom Taylor E  Noturus baileyi_16.jpg
Ictaluridae Noturus crypticus Chucky madtom Burr, Eisenhour & Grady E  
Ictaluridae Noturus elegans elegant madtom Taylor CS  
Ictaluridae Noturus eleutherus mountain madtom Jordan CS  Noturus eleutherus_13.jpg
Ictaluridae Noturus exilis slender madtom Nelson CS  Noturus exilis_13.jpg
Ictaluridae Noturus fasciatus saddled madtom Burr, Eisenhour & Grady V  
Ictaluridae Noturus flavater checkered madtom Taylor V  Noturus flavater_13.jpg
Ictaluridae Noturus flavipinnis yellowfin madtom Taylor E  Noturus flavipinnis_2.jpg
Ictaluridae Noturus flavus stonecat Rafinesque CS  
Ictaluridae Noturus sp. cf. flavus "highlands stonecat" CS  Noturus flavus_2.jpg
Ictaluridae Noturus funebris black madtom Gilbert & Swain CS  Noturus funibris_4.jpg
Ictaluridae Noturus furiosus Carolina madtom Jordan & Meek V  
Ictaluridae Noturus gladiator piebald madtom Thomas & Burr V  
Ictaluridae Noturus gilberti orangefin madtom Jordan & Evermann T  Noturus gilberti_2.1.jpg
Noturus gilberti_2.jpg
Ictaluridae Noturus gyrinus tadpole madtom (Mitchill) CS  Noturus gyrinus_7.jpg
Noturus gyrinus_9.jpg
Ictaluridae Noturus hildebrandi hildebrandi least madtom (Bailey & Taylor) CS  
Ictaluridae Noturus hildebrandi lautus ivory-bellied madtom Taylor CS  
Ictaluridae Noturus insignis insignis margined madtom (Richardson) CS  Noturus insignis_2.jpg
Noturus insignis_9.1.jpg
Noturus insignis_9.jpg
Ictaluridae Noturus lachneri Ouachita madtom Taylor T  
Ictaluridae Noturus leptacanthus speckled madtom Jordan CS  Noturus leptocanthus_3.jpg
Ictaluridae Noturus sp. cf. leptacanthus broadtail madtom leptacanthus V  Noturus cf. leptacanthus_9.jpg
Ictaluridae Noturus maydeni Black River madtom Egge CS  Noturus maydeni_13.jpg
Ictaluridae Noturus miurus brindled madtom Jordan CS  Noturus miurus_13.jpg
Ictaluridae Noturus munitus frecklebelly madtom Suttkus & Taylor V  
Ictaluridae Noturus sp. cf munitus 1 "Coosa population" E  
Ictaluridae Noturus sp. cf munitus 2 "Cahaba population" V  
Ictaluridae Noturus sp. cf munitus 3 "Tombigbee population" E  
Ictaluridae Noturus nocturnus freckled madtom Jordan & Gilbert CS  Noturus nocturnus_13.jpg
Ictaluridae Noturus phaeus brown madtom Taylor CS  
Ictaluridae Noturus placidus Neosho madtom Taylor T  
Ictaluridae Noturus stanauli pygmy madtom Etnier & R. Jenkins E  Noturus stanauli_16.jpg
Ictaluridae Noturus stigmosus northern madtom Taylor V  
Ictaluridae Noturus taylori Caddo madtom Douglas T  
Ictaluridae Pylodictis olivaris flathead catfish (Rafinesque) CS  Pylodictis olivaris_9.jpg
Pylodictis olivaris_13.jpg
Ictaluridae Satan eurystomus widemouth blindcat Hubbs & Bailey E  
Ictaluridae Trogloglanis pattersoni toothless blindcat Eigenmann E  
Characidae Astyanax mexicanus Mexican tetra (Filippi) CS  
Esocidae Esox americanus americanus redfin pickerel Gmelin CS  Esox americanus_9.jpg
Esocidae Esox americanus vermiculatus grass pickerel Lesueur CS  Esox americanus vermiculatus_13.jpg
Esocidae Esox lucius northern pike Linnaeus CS  Esox lucius_13.jpg
Esocidae Esox masquinongy muskellunge Mitchill CS  Esox masquinongy_2.jpg
Esocidae Esox niger chain pickerel Lesueur CS  Esox niger_2.jpg
Esox niger_9.jpg
Umbridae Umbra limi central mudminnow (Kirtland) CS  Umbra limi_13.jpg
Umbra limi_13.1.jpg
Umbridae Umbra pygmaea eastern mudminnow (DeKay) CS  Umbra pygmaea_2.jpg
Umbra pygmaea_9.jpg
Salmonidae Salvelinus fontinalis brook trout (Mitchill) CS  Salvelinus fontinalis_2.jpg
Percopsidae Percopsis omiscomaycus trout-perch (Walbaum) V  
Aphredoderidae Aphredoderus sayanus gibbosus western pirateperch Lesueur CS  
Aphredoderidae Aphredoderus sayanus sayanus eastern pirateperch (Gilliams) CS  Aphredoderus sayanus_2.jpg
Aphredoderus sayanus_13.jpg
Aphredoderus sayanus _9.jpg
Amblyopsidae Amblyopsis rosae Ozark cavefish (Eigenmann) T  
Amblyopsidae Amblyopsis spelaea northern cavefish DeKay T  Amblyopsis spelaea_15.jpg
Amblyopsidae Chologaster cornuta swampfish Agassiz CS  Chologaster cornuta_9.jpg
Chologaster cornuta_2.jpg
Amblyopsidae Forbesichthys agassizi spring cavefish (Putnam) V  
Amblyopsidae Speoplatyrhinus poulsoni Alabama cavefish Cooper & Kuehne E  Speoplatyrhinus poulsoni_29.1.jpg
Amblyopsidae Typhlichthys subterraneus southern cavefish Girard V  Typhlichthys subterraneus_15.jpg
Gadidae Lota lota burbot (Linnaeus) CS  
Mugilidae Agonostomus monticola mountain mullet (M) (Bancroft) V  Agonostomus monticola_9.jpg
Mugilidae Mugil cephalus striped mullet (M) Linnaeus CS  Mugil cephalus_9.jpg
Atherinopsidae Labidesthes sicculus brook silverside (Cope) CS  Labidesthes sicculus_7.jpg
Labidesthes sicculus_9.jpg
Atherinopsidae Menidia beryllina inland silverside (Cope) CS  menidia beryllina_9.jpg
Atherinopsidae Menidia extensa Waccamaw silverside Hubbs & Raney T  
Belonidae Strongylura marina Atlantic needlefish (M) (Walbaum) CS  Strongylura marina_9.jpg
Fundulidae Fundulus albolineatus whiteline topminnow Gilbert X  
Fundulidae Fundulus auroguttatus banded topminnow (Hay) CS  Fundulus auroguttatus_7.jpg
Fundulidae Fundulus bifax stippled studfish Cashner & Rogers V  
Fundulidae Fundulus blairae western starhead topminnow Wiley & Hall CS  
Fundulidae Fundulus catenatus northern studfish (Storer) CS  Fundulus catenatus_2.jpg
Fundulidae Fundulus chrysotus golden topminnow G?nther CS  Fundulus chrysotus_3.jpg
Fundulus chrysotus_9.jpg
Fundulus chrysotus_13.jpg
Fundulidae Fundulus confluentus marsh killifish (M) Goode & Beane CS  
Fundulidae Fundulus diaphanus banded killifish (Lesueur) CS  Fundulus diaphanus_2.jpg
Fundulus diaphanus_9.jpg
Fundulidae Fundulus dispar starhead topminnow (Agassiz) CS  Fundulus dispar_13.jpg
Fundulus dispar_13.1.jpg
Fundulidae Fundulus escambiae russetfin topminnow (Bollman) CS  Fundulus escambiae_7.jpg
Fundulidae Fundulus euryzonus broadstripe top- minnow Suttkus & Cashner V  
Fundulidae Fundulus grandis grandis gulf killifish (M) Baird & Girard CS  Fundulus grandis_4.1.jpg
Fundulus grandis_4.jpg
Fundulidae Fundulus grandis saguanus southern gulf killifish (M) Rivas CS  
Fundulidae Fundulus heteroclitus mummichog (M) (Linnaeus) CS  Fundulus heteroclitus_9.jpg
Fundulidae Fundulus jenkinsi saltmarsh topminnow (Evermann) CS  
Fundulidae Fundulus julisia Barrens topminnow Williams & Etnier E  
Fundulidae Fundulus lineolatus lined topminnow (Agassiz) CS  Fundulus lineolatus_2.1.jpg
Fundulus lineolatus_2.jpg
Fundulus lineolatus_9.jpg
Fundulidae Fundulus notatus blackstripe topminnow (Rafinesque) CS  Fundulus notatus_13.jpg
Fundulidae Fundulus nottii bayou topminnow (Agassiz) CS  
Fundulidae Fundulus olivaceus blackspotted topminnow (Storer) CS  Fundulus olivaceus_13.jpg
Fundulidae Fundulus pulvereus bayou killifish (Evermann) CS  
Fundulidae Fundulus rathbuni speckled killifish Jordan & Meek CS  Fundulus rathbuni_2.jpg
Fundulidae Fundulus rubrifrons redface topminnow (Jordan) CS  
Fundulidae Fundulus sciadicus plains topminnow Cope CS  
Fundulidae Fundulus seminolis Seminole killifish Girard CS  Fundulus seminolis_13.jpg
Fundulidae Fundulus stellifer southern studfish (Jordan) CS  
Fundulidae Fundulus waccamensis Waccamaw killifish Hubbs & Raney T  Fundulus waccamaensis_9.jpg
Fundulidae Fundulus zebrinus plains killifish Jordan & Gilbert CS  
Fundulidae Leptolucania ommata pygmy killifish (Jordan) CS  
Fundulidae Lucania goodei bluefin killifish Jordan CS  Lucania goodei_3.jpg
Lucania goodei_9.jpg
Fundulidae Lucania parva rainwater killifish (Baird & Girard) CS  Lucania parva_9.jpg
Poeciliidae Gambusia affinis western mosquitofish (Baird & Girard) CS  
Poeciliidae Gambusia geiseri largespring gambusia Hubbs & Hubbs CS  
Poeciliidae Gambusia georgei San Marcos gambusia Hubbs & Peden X  
Poeciliidae Gambusia holbrooki eastern mosquitofish Girard CS  Gambusia holbrooki_9.jpg
Poeciliidae Heterandria formosa least killifish Agassiz CS  Heterandria formosa_3.jpg
Poeciliidae Poecilia latipinna sailfin molly (Lesueur) CS  Poecilia latipinna_4.jpg
Aplocheilidae Rivulus marmoratus mangrove rivulus Poey V  
Cyprinodontidae Cyprinodon variegatus hubbsi Lake Eustis pupfish Carr V  
Cyprinodontidae Cyprinodon variegatus variegatus sheepsheadminnow Lacep?de CS  Cyprinodon variegatus_4.jpg
Cyprinodon variegatus_9.jpg
Cyprinodontidae Cyrinodon rubrofluviatilis Red River pupfish Fowler CS  
Cyprinodontidae Jordanella floridae flagfish Goode & Bean CS  
Gasterosteidae Apeltes quadracus fourspine stickleback (M) (Mitchill) CS  
Gasterosteidae Gasterosteus aculeatus threespine stickleback Linnaeus CS  Gasterosteus aculeatus_2.jpg
Syngnathidae Microphis brachyurus lineatus Opossum pipefish (M) (Valenciennes) V  
Syngnathidae Syngnathus scovelli Gulf pipefish (M) (Evermann & Kendall) CS  
Cottidae Cottus baileyi black sculpin Robins CS  Cottus baileyi_2.1.jpg
Cottus baileyi_2.jpg
Cottidae Cottus bairdi mottled sculpin Girard CS  Cottus b.bairdi_2.jpg
Cottidae Cottus bairdi ssp. "smoky sculpin" CS  
Cottidae Cottus caeruleomentum Blueridge sculpin Kinzinger, Raesly, Neely CS  
Cottidae Cottus carolinae carolinae banded sculpin (Gill) CS  Cottus c. carolinae_2.jpg
Cottus carolinae_13.jpg
Cottidae Cottus carolinae complex 1 "fall-line sculpins" CS  
Cottidae Cottus carolinae infernatis Alabama banded sculpin Williams & Robins CS  
Cottidae Cottus carolinae zopherus Coosa banded sculpin (Jordan) CS  
Cottidae Cottus sp. cf. carolinae "Kanawha sculpin" CS  
Cottidae Cottus chattahoochee Chattahoochee Sculpin Neely, Williams, & Mayden CS  
Cottidae Cottus girardi Potomac sculpin Robins CS  Cottus girardi_2.1.jpg
Cottus girardi_2.1.jpg
Cottidae Cottus kanawhae Kanawha sculpin Robins CS  
Cottidae Cottus hypselurus Ozark sculpin Robins & Robison CS  
Cottidae Cottus paulus pygmy sculpin Williams E  Cottus paulus_4.jpg
Cottidae Cottus sp. broadband sculpin 1 "Bluestone sculpin" V  Cottus sp._Bluestone broadband sculpin_2.jpg
Cottidae Cottus sp. broadband sculpin 2 "Clinch sculpin" V  Cottus sp._Clinch broadband sculpin_2.jpg
Cottidae Cottus sp. broadband sculpin 3 "Holston sculpin" V  Cottus sp._Holston broadband sculpin_2.1.jpg
Cottus sp._Holston broadband sculpin_2.jpg
Cottidae Cottus sp. cf. cognatus "checkered sculpin" CS  Cottus sp. cf. cognatus_2.jpg
Cottidae Cottus specus Grotto Sculpin Adams & Burr V  
Cottidae Cottus tallapoosae Tallapoosa sculpin Neely, Williams, & Mayden CS  
Moronidae Morone americana white perch (Gmelin) CS  Morone americana_9.jpg
Moronidae Morone chrysops white bass (Rafinesque) CS  Morone chrysops_9.jpg
Morone chrysops_13.jpg
Moronidae Morone mississippiensis yellow bass Jordan & Eigenmann CS  
Moronidae Morone saxatilis striped bass (D) (Walbaum) CS  Morone saxatilis_9.jpg
Centrarchidae Acantharchus pomotis mud sunfish (Baird) CS  Acantharcus pomotis_2.jpg
Acantharchus pomotis_9.jpg
Centrarchidae Ambloplites ariommus shadow bass Viosca CS  Ambloplites ariommus_3.jpg
Ambloplites ariommus_27.jpg
Centrarchidae Ambloplites cavifrons Roanoke bass Cope V  Ambloplites cavifrons_2.jpg
Centrarchidae Ambloplites constellatus Ozark bass Cashner & Suttkus CS  Ambloplites constellatus_13.jpg
Centrarchidae Ambloplites rupestris rock bass (Rafinesque) CS  Ambloplites rupestris_2.jpg
Centrarchidae Centrarchus macropterus flier (Lacep?de) CS  Centrarchus macropterus_2.jpg
Centrarchidae Enneacanthus chaetodon blackbanded sunfish (Baird) V  Enneacanthus chaetodon_2.jpg
Enneacanthus chaetodon_9.jpg
Enneacanthus chaetodon_9.1.jpg
Centrarchidae Enneacanthus gloriosus bluespotted sunfish (Holbrook) CS  Enneacanthus gloriosus_3.jpg
Enneacanthus gloriosus_9.jpg
Centrarchidae Enneacanthus obesus banded sunfish (Girard) CS  Enneacanthus obesus_4.jpg
Enneacanthus obesus_9.jpg
Centrarchidae Lepomis auritus redbreast sunfish (Linnaeus) CS  Lepomis auritus_2.jpg
Lepomis auritus_9.1.jpg
lepomis auritus_9.jpg
Centrarchidae Lepomis cyanellus green sunfish Rafinesque CS  Lepomis cyanellus_2.jpg
Lepomis cyanellus_13.jpg
lepomis cyanellus.jpg
Centrarchidae Lepomis gibbosus pumpkinseed (Linnaeus) CS  Lepomis gibbosus_2.jpg
Lepomis gibbosus_13.jpg
Centrarchidae Lepomis gulosus warmouth (Cuvier) CS  Lepomis gulosus_9.jpg
Lepomis gulosus_2.jpg
Centrarchidae Lepomis humilis orangespotted sunfish (Girard) CS  Lepomis humilis_13.jpg
Centrarchidae Lepomis macrochirus bluegill Rafinesque CS  Lepomis macrochirus_2.jpg
Lepomis macrochirus_9.jpg
Lepomis macrochirus_13.jpg
Centrarchidae Lepomis marginatus dollar sunfish (Holbrook) CS  Lepomis marginatus_7.jpg
Lepomis marginatus_9.1.jpg
Lepomis marginatus_9.jpg
Centrarchidae Lepomis megalotis complex longear sunfishes (Rafinesque) CS  Lepomis megalotis_4.jpg
Lepomis megalotis_13.jpg
Centrarchidae Lepomis microlophus complex redear sunfishes (Gunter) CS  Lepomis microlophus_2.jpg
Lepomis microlophus_9.jpg
Centrarchidae Lepomis miniatus redspotted sunfish Jordan CS  
Centrarchidae Lepomis punctatus spotted sunfish (Valenciennes) CS  Lepomis punctatus_3.jpg
Lepomis punctatus_9.jpg
Centrarchidae Lepomis symmetricus bantam sunfish Forbes CS  Lepomis symmetricus_13.jpg
Centrarchidae Micropterus cahabae Cahaba bass Baker, Johnson, Blanton CS  
Centrarchidae Micropterus cataractae shoal bass Williams & Burgess V  Micropterus cataractae_2.jpg
Centrarchidae Micropterus coosae redeye bass Hubbs & Bailey CS  Micropterus coosae_2.jpg
Micropterus coosae_9.jpg
Centrarchidae Micropterus chattahoochae Chattahoochee bass Baker, Johnson, Blanton CS  
Centrarchidae Micropterus dolomieu smallmouth bass Lacep?de CS  Micropterus dolomieui_2.jpg
Micropterus dolomeiu_9.jpg
Micropterus dolomeiu_13.jpg
Centrarchidae Micropterus floridanus Florida bass (Lesueur) CS  
Centrarchidae Micropterus henshalli Alabama bass Hubbs & Bailey CS  
Centrarchidae Micropterus notius Suwannee bass Bailey & Hubbs V  
Centrarchidae Micropterus punctulatus spotted bass (Rafinesque) CS  Micropterus punctulatus_3.1.jpg
Micropterus punctulatus_3.jpg
Centrarchidae Micropterus salmoides largemouth bass (Lacep?de) CS  Micropterus salmoides _3.jpg
Micropterus salmoides_9.jpg
Centrarchidae Micropterus tallapoosae Tallapoosa bass Baker, Johnson, Blanton CS  
Centrarchidae Micropterus treculi Guadalupe bass (Vaillant & Bocourt) V  
Centrarchidae Micropterus warriorensis Warrior bass Baker, Johnson, Blanton CS  
Centrarchidae Micropterus sp. cf. coosae redeye bass CS  
Centrarchidae Pomoxis annularis white crappie Rafinesque CS  
Centrarchidae Pomoxis nigromaculatus black crappie (Lesueur) CS  Pomoxis nigromaculatus_13.jpg
Pomoxis nigromaculatus_9.jpg
Percidae Ammocrypta beanii naked sand darter Jordan CS  Ammocrypta beani_27.jpg
Percidae Ammocrypta bifascia Florida sand darter Williams CS  Ammocrypta bifascia_3.jpg
Percidae Ammocrypta clara western sand darter Jordan & Meek V  
Percidae Ammocrypta meridiana southern sand darter Williams CS  Ammocrypta meridiana_27.jpg
Percidae Ammocrypta pellucida eastern sand darter (Agassiz) V  Ammocrypta pellucida_13.jpg
Percidae Ammocrypta vivax scaly sand darter Hay CS  Ammocrypta vivax_27.jpg
Percidae Crystallaria asprella complex crystal darters crystal darters V  
Percidae Crystallaria cincotta diamond darter Welsh and Wood E  
Percidae Etheostoma akatulo bluemask darter Laymen & Mayden E  
Percidae Etheostoma artesiae redspot darter (Hay) CS  
Percidae Etheostoma asprigene mud darter (Forbes) CS  
Percidae Etheostoma atripinne Cumberland snubnose darter (Jordan) CS  
Percidae Etheostoma autumnale autumn darter Mayden CS  
Percidae Etheostoma baileyi emerald darter Page & Burr CS  
Percidae Etheostoma barbouri teardrop darter Kuehne & Small CS  
Percidae Etheostoma barrenense splendid darter Burr & Page CS  Etheostoma barrenense_13.jpg
Etheostoma barrenense_13.1.jpg
Percidae Etheostoma basilare corrugated darter Page, Hardman, & Near  
Percidae Etheostoma bellator Warrior darter Suttkus & Bailey V  
Percidae Etheostoma sp. cf. belator 1 "Sipsey darter" T  
Percidae Etheostoma sp. cf. belator 2 "Locust Fork darter" E  
Percidae Etheostoma bison buffalo darter Ceas & Page CS  
Percidae Etheostoma blennioides blennioides greenside darter Rafinesque CS  Etheostoma b. blennioides_2.jpg
Percidae Etheostoma blennioides newmanii highlands greenside darter (Agassiz) CS  Etheostoma blennioides newmanii_2.jpg
Etheostoma b. newmanii_13.jpg
Etheostoma b. newmanii_13.1.jpg
Percidae Etheostoma blennioides pholidotum central greenside darter Miller CS  
Percidae Etheostoma blennius blennius blenny darter Gilbert & Swain CS  Etheostoma blennius_4.jpg
Etheostoma blennius_13.1.jpg
Etheostoma blennius_13.jpg
Percidae Etheostoma blennius sequatchiense Sequatchie darter Burr V  
Percidae Etheostoma boschungi slackwater darter Wall & Williams E  Etheostoma boschungi_16.jpg
Percidae Etheostoma brevirostrum holiday darter Suttkus & Etnier E  Etheostoma brevirostrum_4.jpg
Etheostoma brevirostrum_23.jpg
Percidae Etheostoma sp. cf brevirostrum 1 "Amicalola darter" E  Etheostoma sp. cf brevirostrum Amicalola_4.jpg
Percidae Etheostoma sp. cf brevirostrum 2 "Conasauga darter" E  Etheostoma sp. cf brevirostrum Conasauga_4.jpg
Percidae Etheostoma sp. cf brevirostrum 3 "Coosawattee darter" E  Etheostoma sp. cf brevirostrum Coosawattee_4.jpg
Percidae Etheostoma sp. cf brevirostrum 4 "Etowah snubnose darter" E  Etheostoma sp. cf brevirostrum Etowah_4.jpg
Percidae Etheostoma brevispinum Carolina fantail darter (Coker) CS  Etheostoma brevispina_9.jpg
Percidae Etheostoma burri brook darter Ceas & Page CS  
Percidae Etheostoma caeruleum caeruleum rainbow darter Storer CS  Etheostoma caeruleum_4.jpg
Etheostoma caeruleum_13.jpg
Etheostoma caeruleum_13.1.jpg
Etheostoma caeruleum_13.2.jpg
Etheostoma caeruleum_13.3.jpg
Percidae Etheostoma sp. cf caeruleum 1 "relict rainbow darter" T  
Percidae Etheostoma sp. cf caeruleum 2 "Arkansas rainbow darter" CS  
Percidae Etheostoma sp. cf caeruleum 3 "Ozark rainbow darter" CS  
Percidae Etheostoma sp. cf caeruleum 4 "Homochitto rainbow darter" CS  
Percidae Etheostoma cervus Chickasaw darter Powers & Mayden V  Etheostoma cervus_13.1.jpg
Etheostoma cervus_13.jpg
Percidae Etheostoma chermocki vermilion darter Boshung, Mayden, & Tomelleri E  
Percidae Etheostoma chienense relict darter Page & Ceas E  
Percidae Etheostoma chlorosoma bluntnose darter (Hay) CS  
Percidae Etheostoma cinereum ashy darter Storer --  
Percidae Etheostoma cinereum ESU 1 Duck River populations V  
Percidae Etheostoma cinereum ESU 2 Upper Tennessee River population V  Etheostoma cinereum_2.jpg
Percidae Etheostoma clinton beaded darter Mayden & Laymen V  
Percidae Etheostoma collettei creole darter Birdsong & Knapp CS  
Percidae Etheostoma collis Carolina darter (Hubbs & Cannon) V  Etheostoma collis_2.jpg
Etheostoma collis_9.jpg
Percidae Etheostoma colorosum coastal darter Suttkus & Bailey CS  Etheostoma colorosum_3.1.jpg
Etheostoma colorosum_3.jpg
Percidae Etheostoma coosae Coosa darter (Fowler) CS  Etheostoma coosae_4.jpg
Percidae Etheostoma corona crown darter Page & Ceas T  
Percidae Etheostoma cragini Arkansas darter Gilbert T  Etheostoma cragini_13.jpg
Etheostoma cragini_13.1.jpg
Percidae Etheostoma crossopterum fringed darter Braasch & Mayden CS  Etheostoma crossopterum_13.jpg
Etheostoma crossopterum_13.1.jpg
Percidae Etheostoma davisoni Choctawhatchee darter Hay CS  Etheostoma davisoni_3.jpg
Percidae Etheostoma derivatum stone darter Page, Hardeman, $ Near CS  
Percidae Etheostoma ditrema coldwater darter Ramsey & Suttkus T  Etheostoma ditrema_17.jpg
Percidae Etheostoma sp. cf ditrema middle Coosa River coldwater T  
Percidae Etheostoma duryi black darter Henshall CS  Etheostoma duryi_4.jpg
Percidae Etheostoma edwini brown darter (Hubbs & Cannon) CS  Etheostoma edwini_3.jpg
Percidae Etheostoma erythrozonum Meramec saddled darter Switzer & Wood CS  Etheostoma erythrozonum_22.jpg
Etheostoma erythrozonum_22.1.jpg
Percidae Etheostoma etnieri cherry darter Bouchard CS  Etheostoma etneri_13.jpg
Etheostoma etneri_13.1.jpg
Percidae Etheostoma euzonum erizonum Current saddled darter (Hubbs & Black) CS  Etheostoma e. euzonum_13.jpg
Etheostoma e. euzonum_13.1.jpg
Etheostoma e. euzonum_13.2.jpg
Percidae Etheostoma euzonum euzonum Arkansas saddled darter (Hubbs and Black) CS  
Percidae Etheostoma flabellare complex fantail darters Rafinesque CS  Etheostoma flabellare_2.jpg
Etheostoma flabellare_13.jpg
Percidae Etheostoma flabellare humerale Chesapeake fantail darter (Girard) CS  Etheostoma flabellare_13.1.jpg
Etheostoma flabellare_13.2.jpg
Percidae Etheostoma flavum saffron darter Etnier & Bailey CS  
Percidae Etheostoma fonticola fountain darter (Jordan & Gilbert) E  
Percidae Etheostoma forbesi Barrens darter Page & Ceas T  
Percidae Etheostoma fragi Strawberry darter Distler CS  
Percidae Etheostoma fricksium Savannah darter Hildebrand CS  Etheostoma fricksium_9.jpg
Percidae Etheostoma fusiforme barratti scalyhead darter (Holbrook) CS  
Percidae Etheostoma fusiforme fusiforme swamp darter (Girard) CS  Etheostoma fusiforme_3.jpg
Etheostoma fusiforme_9.jpg
Percidae Etheostoma gore Cumberland darter Laymen and Mayden CS  
Percidae Etheostoma gracile slough darter (Girard) CS  Etheostoma gracile_13.jpg
Percidae Etheostoma grahami Rio Grande darter (Girard) T  
Percidae Etheostoma gutselli Tuckasegee darter (Hildebrand) V  Etheostoma gutselli_26.jpg
Percidae Etheostoma histrio harlequin darter Jordan & Gilbert CS  
Percidae Etheostoma hopkinsi binotatum Christmas-Eve darter Bailey & Richards CS  Etheostoma hopkinsi_9.jpg
Percidae Etheostoma hopkinsi hopkinsi Christmas darter (Fowler) CS  Etheostoma hopkinsi_4.jpg
Percidae Etheostoma inscriptum turquoise darter (Jordan & Brayton) CS  Etheostoma inscriptum_9.jpg
Percidae Etheostoma jessiae blueside darter (Jordan & Brayton) CS  
Percidae Etheostoma jimmycarter bluegrass darter Laymen & Mayden CS  
Percidae Etheostoma kanawhae Kanawha darter (Raney) CS  Etheostoma kanawhae_2.jpg
Etheostoma kanawhae_13.jpg
Etheostoma kanawhae_13.1.jpg
Percidae Etheostoma kantuckeense Highland Rim darter Ceas & Page CS  
Percidae Etheostoma kennicotti stripetail darter (Putnam) CS  Etheostoma kennicotti_13.jpg
Percidae Etheostoma lachneri Tombigbee darter Suttkus & Bailey CS  
Percidae Etheostoma lawrencei headwater darter Ceas & Burr  
Percidae Etheostoma lemniscatum tuxedo darter Blanton E  
Percidae Etheostoma lepidum greenthroat darter (Baird & Girard) CS  Etheostoma lepidum_15.jpg
Percidae Etheostoma longimanum longfin darter Jordan CS  Etheostoma longimanum_2.jpg
Percidae Etheostoma luteovinctum redband darter Gilbert & Swain CS  Etheostoma luteovinctum_15.jpg
Etheostoma luteovinctum_13.1.jpg
Etheostoma luteovinctum_13.jpg
Percidae Etheostoma lynceum brighteye darter Hay CS  Etheostoma lynceum_13.1.jpg
Etheostoma lynceum_13.jpg
Percidae Etheostoma mariae pinewoods darter (Fowler) V  Etheostoma mariae_4.jpg
Etheostoma mariae_9.jpg
Percidae Etheostoma marmorpinnum marbled darter Blanton and Jenkins E  
Percidae Etheostoma maydeni redlips darter Powers and Kuhajda CS  Etheostoma maydeni_25.jpg
Etheostoma maydeni_15.jpg
Percidae Etheostoma meadiae bluespar darter (Jordan & Evermann) CS  Etheostoma mediae_2.jpg
Percidae Etheostoma microperca least darter Jordan & Gilbert CS  Etheostoma microperca_13.jpg
Etheostoma microperca_13.1.jpg
Percidae Etheostoma mihileze sunburst darter Mayden CS  
Percidae Etheostoma neopterum lollypop darter Howell & Dingerkus V  
Percidae Etheostoma nianguae Niangua darter Gilbert & Meek T  Etheostoma nianguae_15.jpg
Percidae Etheostoma nigripinne blackfin darter Braasch & Mayden CS  
Percidae Etheostoma nigrum nigrum johnny darter Rafinesque CS  Etheostoma nigrum_2.jpg
Etheostoma nigrum_13.jpg
Etheostoma nigrum_13.1.jpg
Percidae Etheostoma nuchale watercress darter Howell & Caldwell E  Etheostoma nuchale_15.jpg
Percidae Etheostoma nuchale ESU Roebuck spring population E  
Percidae Etheostoma obama spangled darter Mayden and Laymen CS  Etheostoma obama_13.jpg
Percidae Etheostoma obeyense barcheek darter Kirsch CS  
Percidae Etheostoma okaloosae Okaloosa darter (Fowler) T  Etheostoma okaloosae_4.1.jpg
Etheostoma okaloosae_4.jpg
Percidae Etheostoma olivaceum sooty darter Braasch & Page V  
Percidae Etheostoma olmstedi complex tessellated darters CS  Etheostoma olmstedi_7.jpg
Etheostoma olmstedi_9.jpg
Percidae Etheostoma oophylax guardian darter Ceas & Page CS  
Percidae Etheostoma osburni candy darter (Hubbs & Trautman) V  Etheostoma osburni_2.1.jpg
Etheostoma osburni_2.jpg
Etheostoma osburni_24.1.jpg
Etheostoma osburni_24.jpg
Percidae Etheostoma pallididorsum paleback darter Distler & Metcalf T  
Percidae Etheostoma parvipinne goldstripe darter Gilbert & Swain CS  
Percidae Etheostoma percnurum duskytail darter Jenkins E  
Percidae Etheostoma perlongum Waccamaw darter (Hubbs & Raney) T  
Percidae Etheostoma phytophilum rush darter Bart & Taylor E  
Percidae Etheostoma phytophilum ESU 1 "upper Locust Fork population" E  
Percidae Etheostoma phytophilum ESU 2 "Sipsey Fork population" E  
Percidae Etheostoma planasaxatile Duck darter Powers & Mayden CS  Etheostoma planasaxatile_13.jpg
Etheostoma planasaxatile_13.1.jpg
Percidae Etheostoma podostemone riverweed darter Jordan & R. Jenkins CS  Etheostoma podostemone_2.jpg
Percidae Etheostoma proeliare cypress darter (Hay) CS  Etheostoma proeliare_13.jpg
Etheostoma proeliare_13.1.jpg
Percidae Etheostoma pseudovulatum egg-mimic darter Page & Ceas T  
Percidae Etheostoma punctulatum stippled darter (Agassiz) CS  Etheostoma punctulatum_13.jpg
Etheostoma punctulatum_13.1.jpg
Etheostoma punctulatum_13.2.jpg
Percidae Etheostoma pyrrhogaster firebelly darter Bailey & Etnier V  Etheostoma pyrrhogaster_13.1.jpg
Etheostoma pyrrhogaster_13.jpg
Percidae Etheostoma radiosum paludosum Washita darter (Moore & Rigney) CS  
Percidae Etheostoma radiosum radiosum orangebelly darter (Hubbs & Black) CS  
Percidae Etheostoma rafinesquei Kentucky darter Burr & Page CS  
Percidae Etheostoma ramseyi Alabama darter Suttkus & Bailey CS  
Percidae Etheostoma raneyi Yazoo darter Suttkus & Bart V  
Percidae Etheostoma raneyi Tallahatchie population T  
Percidae Etheostoma rupestre rock darter Gilbert & Swain CS  
Percidae Etheostoma sagitta sagitta Cumberland arrow darter (Jordan & Swain) CS  
Percidae Etheostoma sagitta spilotum Kentucky arrow darter Gilbert V  
Percidae Etheostoma scotti Cherokee darter Bauer, Etnier, & Burkhead --  Etheostoma scotti_4.jpg
Percidae Etheostoma scotti ESU 1 E  
Percidae Etheostoma scotti ESU 2 E  
Percidae Etheostoma scotti ESU 3 E  
Percidae Etheostoma serrifer sawcheek darter (Hubbs & Cannon) CS  Etheostoma serrifer_2.jpg
Etheostoma serrifer_9.jpg
Percidae Etheostoma simoterum Snubnose darter (Cope) CS  Etheostoma simoterum_2.jpg
Percidae Etheostoma sitikuense Citico darter Blanton E  
Percidae Etheostoma smithi slabrock darter Page & Braasch CS  
Percidae Etheostoma spectabile pulchellum plains darter (Girard) CS  
Percidae Etheostoma spectabile spectabile orangethroat darter (Agassiz) CS  Etheostoma s. spectabile_13.jpg
Etheostoma s. spectabile_13.2.jpg
Percidae Etheostoma spectabile squamosum plateau darter Distler CS  Etheostoma s. squamosum_13.jpg
Etheostoma s. squamosum_13.1.jpg
Percidae Etheostoma squamiceps spottail darter Jordan CS  Etheostoma squamiceps_13.jpg
Percidae Etheostoma stigmaeum speckled darter (Jordan) CS  Etheostoma stigmaeum_4.jpg
Percidae Etheostoma striatulum striated darter Page & Braasch T  
Percidae Etheostoma susanae Cumberland johnny darter (Jordan & Swain) T  
Percidae Etheostoma swaini gulf darter (Jordan) CS  Etheostoma swaini_3.jpg
Etheostoma swaini_13.jpg
Percidae Etheostoma swannanoa Swannanoa darter Jordan & Evermann CS  Etheostoma swannanoa_2.jpg
Percidae Etheostoma tallapoosae Tallapoosa darter Suttkus & Etnier CS  Etheostoma tallapoosae_4.1.jpg
Etheostoma tallapoosae_4.jpg
Percidae Etheostoma tecumsehi Shawnee darter Ceas & Page T  
Percidae Etheostoma tetrazonum Missouri saddled darter (Hubbs & Black) CS  
Percidae Etheostoma thalassinum seagreen darter (Jordan & Brayton) CS  Etheostoma thalassinum_9.jpg
Percidae Etheostoma trisella trispot darter Bailey & Richards E  
Percidae Etheostoma Turkey Fork "moorei" Turkey Fork population E  
Percidae Etheostoma tuscumbia Tuscumbia darter Gilbert & Swain V  
Percidae Etheostoma uniporum Current darter Distler CS  
Percidae Etheostoma variatum variegate darter Kirtland CS  Etheostoma variatum_13.jpg
Percidae Etheostoma virgatum striped darter (Jordan) CS  
Percidae Etheostoma vitreum glassy darter (Cope) CS  Etheostoma vitreum_2.jpg
Percidae Etheostoma whipplei redfin darter (Girard) CS  
Percidae Etheostoma zonale banded darter (Cope) CS  Etheostoma zonale_9.jpg
Etheostoma zonale_13.jpg
Etheostoma zonale_13.1.jpg
Percidae Etheostoma zonifer backwater darter (Hubbs & Cannon) CS  
Percidae Etheostoma zonistium bandfin darter Bailey & Etnier CS  
Percidae Etheostoma sp. cf. zonistum blueface darter T  
Percidae Nothonotus acuticeps sharphead darter Bailey V  Nothonotus acuticeps_2.jpg
Percidae Nothonotus aquali coppercheek darter Williams & Etnier V  
Percidae Nothonotus bellus orangefin darter Zorach CS  Nothonotus bellus_13.jpg
Nothonotus bellus_13.1.jpg
Nothonotus bellus_26.1.jpg
Percidae Nothonotus camurus bluebreast darter (Cope) CS  Nothonotus camurus_2.jpg
Nothonotus camurus_13.jpg
Nothonotus camurus_13.1.jpg
Nothonotus camurus_26.jpg
Percidae Nothonotus chlorbranchius greenfin darter Zorach CS  Nothonotus chlorobranchius_26.jpg
Percidae Nothonotus sp. cf. chlorbranchius  Nothonotus sp. cf chlorobranchius_26.jpg
Nothonotus sp. cf chlorobranchius_26.1.jpg
Percidae Nothonotus chuckwachatte lipstick darter Mayden & Wood V  
Percidae Nothonotus denoncourti golden darter Stauffer & van Snik V  
Percidae Nothonotus douglasi Tuskaloosa darter Wood & Mayden CS  
Percidae Nothonotus etowahae Etowah darter Wood & Mayden E  Nothonotus etowahae_4.jpg
Percidae Nothonotus jordani greenbreast darter Gilbert CS  Nothonotus jordani_4.jpg
Percidae Nothonotus juliae yoke darter Meek CS  Nothonotus juliae_13.jpg
Nothonotus juliae_13.1.jpg
Percidae Nothonotus maculatum spotted darter (Kirtland) V  Nothonotus maculatum_13.jpg
Nothonotus maculatum_13.1.jpg
Percidae Nothonotus microlepidus smallscale darter Raney & Zorach V  Nothonotus microlepidus_26.jpg
Nothonotus microlepidus_26.1.jpg
Percidae Nothonotus moorei yellowcheek darter Raney & Suttkus T  Nothonotus moorei_15.jpg
Percidae Nothonotus sp. cf. moorei "Turkey Fork Yellowcheek Darter" E  
Percidae Nothonotus rubrus bayou darter Raney & Suttkus E  
Percidae Nothonotus rufilineatus redline darter (Cope) CS  Nothonotus rufilineatus_4.jpg
Nothonotus rufilineatus_26.jpg
Nothonotus rufilineatus_26.2.jpg
Percidae Nothonotus sp. cf rufilineatus 1 "Clarks River darter" V  Nothonotus sp. cf rufilineatus_26.jpg
Nothonotus sp. cf rufilineatus_26.2.jpg
Percidae Nothonotus sp. cf rufilineatus 2 "Hiwassee River darter" V  
Percidae Nothonotus sp. cf rufilineatus 3 "Toccoa River darter" V  Nothonotus sp. cf rufilineatus_4.jpg
Percidae Nothonotus sanguifluus bloodfin darter (Cope) CS  Nothonotus sanguifluus_26.jpg
Nothonotus sanguifluus_26.1.jpg
Percidae Nothonotus starnesi Caney Fork darter  Nothonotus starnesi_26.jpg
Nothonotus starnesi_26.1.jpg
Percidae Nothonotus tippecanoe Tippecanoe darter Jordan & Evermann V  Nothonotus tippecanoe_2.jpg
Nothonotus tippecanoe_26.jpg
Nothonotus tippecanoe_13.jpg
Nothonotus tippecanoe_13.1.jpg
Percidae Nothonotus vulneratus wounded darter (Cope) V  Nothonotus vulneratus_2.jpg
Percidae Nothonotus wapiti boulder darter Etnier & Williams E  Nothonotus wapiti _4.jpg
Percidae Perca flavescens yellow perch (Mitchill) CS  Perca flavescens_2.jpg
Perca flavescens_9.jpg
Percidae Percina antesella amber darter Williams & Etnier E  
Percidae Percina aurantiaca tangerine darter (Cope) CS  Percina auranticaca_2.jpg
Percidae Percina aurolineata goldline darter Suttkus & Ramsey T  Percina aurolineata_4.jpg
Percidae Percina aurora Pearl darter Suttkus & Thompson E  
Percidae Percina austroperca southern logperch Thompson V  
Percidae Percina bimaculata Chesapeake logperch Haldeman EX  Percina bimaculata_12.jpg
Percidae Percina brevicauda coal darter Suttkus & Bart T  
Percidae Percina brucethompsoni Ouachita Darter Robison, Cashner & Near  Percina brucethompsoni_31.jpg
Percidae Percina burtoni blotchside logperch Fowler V  Percina burtoni_2.1.jpg
Percina burtoni_2.jpg
Percidae Percina caprodes logperch (Rafinesque) CS  Percina caprodes_13.jpg
Percina caprodes_13.2.jpg
Percidae Percina carbonaria Texas logperch (Baird & Girard) CS  
Percidae Percina copelandi channel darter (Jordan) CS  Percina copelandi_2.jpg
Percidae Percina crassa Piedmont darter (Jordan & Brayton) CS  Percina crassa_9.jpg
Percidae Percina crypta Halloween darter Freeman, Freeman, Burkhead T  Percina crypta_4.1.jpg
Percina crypta_4.jpg
Percidae Percina cymatotaenia bluestripe darter (Gilbert & Meek) T  Percina cymatotaenia_15.jpg
Percidae Percina evides evides gilt darter (Jordan & Copeland) CS  Percina evides_2.jpg
Percina evides_13.jpg
Percidae Percina fulvitaenia Ozark logperch Morris & Page CS  
Percidae Percina gymnocephala Appalachia darter Beckham CS  
Percidae Percina jenkinsi Conasauga logperch Thompson E  
Percidae Percina kathae Mobile logperch Thompson CS  Percina kathae_4.1.jpg
Percina kathae_4.jpg
Percidae Percina kusha bridled darter Williams & Burkhead E  Percina kusha_4.jpg
Percidae Percina lenticula freckled darter Richards & Knapp T  
Percidae Percina macrocephala longhead darter (Cope) T  
Percidae Percina macrolepida bigscale logperch Stevenson CS  
Percidae Percina maculata blackside darter (Girard) CS  Percina maculata_13.jpg
Percina maculata_13.2.jpg
Percina maculata_13.3.jpg
Percina maculata_13.4.jpg
Percidae Percina nasuta longnose darter (Bailey) T  
Percidae Percina nevisense chainback darter Cope CS  
Percidae Percina nigrofasciata blackbanded darter (Agassiz) CS  Percina nigrofasciata_4.jpg
Percina nigrofasciata_9.jpg
Percidae Percina nigrofasciata raneyi Savannah blackbanded darter Crawford CS  
Percidae Percina notogramma montuosa mountain stripeback darter Hogarth & Woolcott CS  
Percidae Percina notogramma notogramma stripeback darter (Raney & Hubbs) CS  Percina notogramma_2.jpg
Percidae Percina oxyrhynchus sharpnose darter (Hubbs & Raney) CS  Percina oxyrhynchus_2.jpg
Percidae Percina palmaris bronze darter (Bailey) CS  Percina palmaris_4.jpg
Percidae Percina pantherina leopard darter (Moore & Reeves) T  
Percidae Percina peltata shield darter (Stauffer) CS  Percina peltata_2.jpg
Percidae Percina phoxocephala slenderhead darter (Nelson) CS  Percina phoxocephala_13.jpg
Percina phoxocephala_13.2.jpg
Percidae Percina rex Roanoke logperch (Jordan & Evermann) E  Percina rex_2.1.jpg
Percina rex_2.jpg
Percidae Percina roanoka Roanoke darter (Jordan & R. Jenkins) CS  Percina roanoka_2.jpg
Percidae Percina sciera apristis Guadalupe dusky darter (Hubbs & Hubbs) CS  
Percidae Percina sciera sciera dusky darter (Swain) CS  Percina sciera_2.jpg
Percina sciera_13.jpg
Percina sciera_26.1.jpg
Percina sciera_13.1.jpg
Percidae Percina shumardi river darter (Girard) CS  
Percidae Percina sipsi Bankhead darter Williams & Neely E  
Percidae Percina smithvanizi muscadine darter Williams & Walsh V  
Percidae Percina sp. cf evides 1 "Appalachian gilt darter" CS  
Percidae Percina sp. cf evides 2 "Ozark gilt darter" CS  
Percidae Percina sp. cf. nasuta "Ouachita darter" T  
Percidae Percina squamata olive darter (Gilbert & Swain) V  
Percidae Percina stictogaster frecklebelly darter Burr & Page CS  Percina stictogaster_15.jpg
Percidae Percina suttkusi Gulf logperch Thompson CS  
Percidae Percina tanasi snail darter Etnier T  
Percidae Percina uranidea stargazing darter (Jordan & Gilbert) V  Percina uranidea_15.jpg
Percidae Percina vigil saddleback darter (Hay) CS  Percina vigil_13.jpg
Percidae Percina williamsi sickle darter Page & Near T  
Percidae Sander canadensis sauger (Smith) CS  Sander canadensis_13.jpg
Percidae Sander viteus walleye (Mitchill) CS  
Sciaenidae Aplodinotus grunniens freshwater drum Rafinesque CS  Aplodinotus grunniens_13.jpg
Elassomatidae Elassoma alabamae spring pygmy sunfish Mayden E  
Elassomatidae Elassoma boehlkei Carolina pygmy sunfish Rohde & Arndt V  Elassoma boehlkei_9.jpg
Elassomatidae Elassoma boehikei ESU 1 Santee River population  
Elassomatidae Elassoma boehikei ESU 2 Waccamaw River population  
Elassomatidae Elassoma evergladei Everglades pygmy sunfish Jordan CS  Elassoma evergladei_3.jpg
Elassoma evergladei_9.jpg
Elassomatidae Elassoma okatie bluebarred pygmy sunfish Rohde & Arndt V  Elassoma okatie_9.jpg
Elassomatidae Elassoma okatie ESU 1 Edisto River population V  
Elassomatidae Elassoma okatie ESU 2 New Savannah rivers populations V  
Elassomatidae Elassoma okefenokee Okefenokee pygmy sunfish B?hlke CS  Elassoma okefenokee_3.jpg
Elassomatidae Elassoma gilberti Gulf Coast pygmy sunfish Snelson, Krabbenhoft, & Quattro CS  Elassoma gilberti_7.jpg
Elassoma gilberti_28.jpg
Elassomatidae Elassoma zonatum banded pygmy sunfish Jordan CS  Elassoma zonatum_9.jpg
Cichlidae Cichlasoma cyanguttatum Rio Grande cichlid (Baird & Girard) CS  
Eleotridae Dormitator maculatus fat sleeper (M) (Bloch) CS  Dormitator maculatus_9.jpg
Eleotridae Eleotris amblyopsis largescalled spinycheek sleeper (M) (Cope) CS  
Eleotridae Gobiomorus dormitor bigmouth sleeper (M) Lacep?de V  
Gobiidae Awaous banana river goby (M) (Valenciennes) V  
Gobiidae Ctenogobius boleosoma darter goby (M) (Jordan & Gilbert) CS  
Gobiidae Ctenogobius pseudofasciatus slashcheek goby (M) (Gilbert & Randall) V  
Gobiidae Ctenogobius shufeldti freshwater goby (M) (Jordan & Eigenmann) CS  Ctenogobius shufeldti_9.jpg
Gobiidae Gobioides broussoneti violet goby (M) Lacep?de CS  
Gobiidae Gobiosoma bosc naked goby (M) (Lacep?de) CS  
Gobiidae Microgobius gulosus clown goby (M) (Girard) CS  
Achiridae Trinectes maculatus hogchoker (M) (Bloch & Schneider) CS  Trinectes maculatus _9.jpg

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