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Dedicated to the Conservation of Southeastern Fishes 

The Southeastern Fishes Council (SFC) is a nonprofit scientific organization dedicated to the study and conservation of freshwater and coastal fishes of the southeastern United States. The southeastern region includes the greatest global biodiversity of temperate freshwater fishes, and has well over one-half of all species found in North America. The SFC was formed in 1975 by a group of scientists concerned with increasing environmental threats to rivers of the Southeast, and long-term protection of the southeastern fish fauna. The SFC publishes peer-reviewed scientific papers, regional reports, announcements, and other news in a biannual Proceedings that is distributed to dues-paying members. Anyone is encouraged to submit original research articles on the distribution, ecology, systematics, conservation, or other aspects of the biology of southeastern fishes for publication in the Proceedings. The SFC has an annual business meeting held in November of each year on the Thursday and Friday one or two weeks before Thanksgiving.

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