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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee

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Who We Are

Current Committee Chair

River Watson (she/her)

Current Committee Members

Brittany McCall (she/her)

Dan Akin (he/him)

Mack White (he/him)

Kevin Jones (they/them)

Past Committee Members:

Nastasia Disotell

Luke Etchison

Chance Garrett

Shannon Murphy

Jim Williams

What We Do

The Southeastern Fishes Council Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee was formed as a result of a resolution at the 2021 annual meeting, to bring more awareness and fairness into our society’s membership, policies, and procedures.

The objectives of the SFC are to disseminate information on and promote the diversity and conservation of fishes in the southeastern United States, and the SFC membership is comprised of people who reflect diverse socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds, ethnicities, sexual orientations, gender identities, ability status, and many other forms of diversity, and the membership of SFC does not currently reflect the full human diversity of the southeastern United States. SFC recognizes that people from underrepresented backgrounds may have been systematically devalued, treated unfairly, and threatened in the United States, or simply discouraged from pursuing careers in the biological and environmental sciences, and strives to give honor justly by welcoming diverse ideas, equitable recognition of accomplishments, and inclusivity of each of its members. Diversity in natural ecosystems promotes strength and resilience across communities, and the mission and work of SFC will similarly benefit from greater inclusion of scientists from underrepresented backgrounds.

Annual Meeting Harassment Reporting Form 

Diversity Travel Award (Application Coming Soon)

The SFC DEI Diversity Travel Award will be given to two awardees each year who come from minority groups, including but not limited to BIPOC, LGBTQ+, first generation college students, and/or a person with a disability. This award will cover many costs of attending the SFC annual meeting on the front end, as SFC recognized that it may be difficult for people from under-represented groups to cover costs themselves and be reimbursed later on. The award will cover registration and membership, a per diem amount for food, and travel costs (estimated mileage if driving, round trip ticket cost if flying). Hotel costs will either be reimbursed to the awardee on the last day of the meeting or can be paid for by a sponsor. Applicants do not have to: be a student, present research, have attended the meeting before.

Code of Conduct Southeastern Fishes Council - Meeting Code of Conduct (

2022 Demographic Survey Results DEI_Survey_Results_2022.pdf

2023 Demographic Survey Results DEI_Survey_Results_2023.pdf

If you are a member of SFC please fill out the 2023 annual survey found here.  Results from this survey will be presented at the Business Meeting.

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